Flagstone Natural Stone Pavers Benefits


The Advantages of Flagstone Pavers


Flagstone pavers are acid resistant; this means that they can be laid straight on top of soil. This makes Flagstone a versatile paver application, for it can be used indoors and outdoors, without the need for aggregate or concrete.
Flagstone Pavers

High Density

Flagstone Pavers Flagstone pavers are characteristically a very dense material. It is also known to be a low-absorption type of paver. These factors make flagstone pavers impervious to freeze-thaw conditions. Flagstone pavers will not spall or deteriorate under extreme weather conditions.


A very important advantage of Flagstone pavers is that they have a non-slip surface. Due to the natural cleft texture of Flagstone, they are safe and ideal for use around the pool area.
Flagstone Pavers


Flagstone Walkway Flagstone is not only slip-resistant, but it also resists moisture, heat and heavy traffic use. This makes Flagstone pavers a very durable paving application. It is also guaranteed not to delaminate for over 30 years.

Low Maintenance

Flagstone pavers have the distinct advantage of being a very low maintenance flooring option. This is due to its durable and highly dense characteristics, making Flagstone a very appealing option for not only homeowners but also architects and builders.
Flagstone Pavers are low maintenance.

Easy Installation

Due to the fact that Flagstone pavers are one of the thinnest types of flooring material, this also means that it is extremely user friendly. Flagstone is very easy to work with, and hence very easy to install.


Flagstone Pavers provide natural beauty.

Flagstone pavers will create and add beauty to any landscaping project around your home! There is the right kind of flagstone for any type of application or design.

Flagstone pavers are available in a wide range of colors, shades, sizes, dimensions and thicknesses. Flagstone is a natural beauty that performs well, making it an excellent paving material.