The Many Colors of Flagstone Pavers



Introduction to Flagstone

Flagstone can be described as a flat thin slab of natural stone that is quarried from various stone deposits all over the world. Flagstone pavers are manufactured from various natural stone materials such as sandstone, quartzite, bluestone, slate and limestone. As a natural stone, flagstone tends to blend quite well with nature especially after a long period of time and can create an aesthetically pleasing effect to onlookers.

Flagstone pavers are amongst the most commonly used pavers in constructing driveways, walkways, stepping stones and patios. Flagstone has a number of characteristics that make it one of the most commonly chosen pavers in house design. These include its ability to withstand wear and tear and its availability in a variety of shapes, patterns and finishes. Another characteristic that flagstone is renowned for is its flexibility. However, the high maintenance associated with flagstone pavers has deterred some people from using it because of the difficulty in removing stains and oil.

Flagstone Colors

There is a whole array of colors to choose from when selecting the type of flagstone to be used in your home application. Different flagstone colors are often named after the geographical locations from which they are extracted.

It is also important to note that because of its versatility in residential applications, flagstone can be used in various parts of the house such as outdoor patios and pool decks.

Colors of Flagstone

Most of the Flagstone paver colors available consist of Blue, Buff-tan and Red. The different types of flagstone pavers such as bluestone, limestone and sandstone reap different colors. Brownstone, Moss green, charcoal grey, natural light grey, sand, yellow and red are amongst the most available flagstone colors available for consumers to choose from.

The main benefit of utilizing such colors is the guarantee that the colors cast throughout the stone paver will not fade, chip or scratch off.

The Different Types of Flagstone Materials

A more detailed color description of the following flagstone pavers is as follows:

Sandstone : Primarily composed of feldspar and quartz, sandstone varies in color from grey through to red, white and yellow.
SandBlueGrey Limestone : With the addition of impurities, limestone can take various colors. The color of limestone is due to impurities such as sand, clay, iron oxides and organic materials. It is commonly light colored such as tan or grey although it has been found in almost every color.

Quartzite : Often found in white or light colors, quartzite from all parts of the world offer the additional colors of blue, black, copper and green tones.


Bluestone : bluestone is a versatile product that looks fantastic in almost any application. Its color ranges from a grey to a rich blue-grey depending on where it is quarried.

Flagstone pavers are also available in a variety of finishes i.e. flamed, honed, polished or teethed. These finishes tend to alter its texture, surface appearance and color.