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Introducing Flagstone Pavers

Flagstone is a natural stone that is cut to form a shallow flat slab. Flagstone pavers is a generic term given to any flat slabs of natural paving stone material that is specifically sourced from a stone quarry. They are usually derived of natural stone materials such as sandstone, slate or limestone because these type of natural materials are easily split and cut into slabs, whereas concrete and brick pavers are manufactured at the
Natural Flagstone Pavers
paver plant.

Flagstone pavers and pavements are very popular among homeowners because they are one of the most attractive types of paving material, they are more suited to residential use. Their commercial use is not so popular due to their higher cost and complex laying processes.

Flagstone Patios, Walkways, Pool Decks, Stepping Stones

Flagstone Walkway Flagstone pavers are relatively thin, smooth and they make an excellent pavement material due to their natural appearance and can be used to construct elegant patios, walkways, pool decks and stepping stones. They can be either set in mortar bed or dry set in a bedding of sand. Consult your supplier for most suitable setting base.

Flagstone Colors and Shapes

Flagstone pavers are available in a wide range of earthy toned colors which are usually browns, reds or blues as well as combinations and blends of these three natural colors, yet no two stones look the same because they are naturally sourced. Flagstone pavers come in different shapes, i.e. irregular shapes, which are random (odd) shaped pieces and dimensional shapes which are cut into
Flagstone Earthy Colors
rectangular or square pavers. Flagstones thickness is between one inch and three inches and will vary depending on the type of purpose they will serve.

The Cost of Flagstone Pavers

The availability of flagstone pavers is determined by local resources and they are usually more expensive than regular manufactured pavers and patio stones. The cost of flagstone pavers is determined by their thickness and size. The thicker the flagstone is then it will cost more to purchase than thinner flagstone pavers. Flagstone prices range anywhere between $20 and $30 per square foot to purchase.

Flagstone Coverage

Flagstone is usually sold by the ton and coverage by ton determines the end price. The amount of coverage is different with each project because the flagstone material varies in terms of its size, pattern cut, joint thickness and wastage. The thicker stone the less coverage you will achieve. Ideally, flagstones of more than two inches thickness are suitable for bedding sand installation. Where there are variable thicknesses, this makes the material more challenging to install.