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Grass and turf pavers may not be as popular as interlocking concrete, brick, or natural stone pavers but they are as effective, attractive, and durable. Grass pavers are known to effectively prevent soil erosion and to contribute in storm water management efforts. Their honeycomb design allows for soil, gravel, sand, and eventually, turf to be added into the hollow center.

Turf pavers are essentially permeable pavers that are proven to be friendly to the environment. Their design lets storm water to be recycled instead of just flowing straight to waterways and drainage systems. This effectively cuts irrigation requirements, which in turn slashes down your water bills significantly. Additionally, grass and turf pavers are easy to install and will not require many hours, which can translate to huge savings on labor cost. Minimal maintenance effort is needed once the plastic or concrete grid systems were installed.

With the right contractor, property owners of commercial establishments or residential units can enjoy verdant driveways, walkways, and patios that are quite apart from the normal ones made of more traditional materials like asphalt, concrete, or natural stone pavers. It’s pretty much like combining lawn and flooring, with the interesting twist creating a truly unique and pleasant effect. Grass and turf pavers are highly recommended for their unique aesthetic and practical benefits, coupled with their long-lasting characteristics.


These grass and turf pavers videos will provide you with concrete ideas on how these paving solutions can make your property extremely functional and attractive.

Pervious Paving Demonstration
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Inspired Installation of Drivable Grass Pavers/ Mats/ Permeable
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Grass and turf pavers have lots of practical benefits aside from aesthetic merits, and they can also be used in various areas in residential or commercial properties. Here are some of them:

Residential Applications

Parking areas. One way to achieve a striking parking space is to use high quality turf pavers. These pavers will make the area easy on the eye with their green appearance.

Driveways. Wouldn’t it be nice to drive into your property on a verdant surface? A grass paved driveway can also withstand the usual vehicle and foot traffic in this area.

Jogging paths and walkways. Your weekend stroll or early morning jog would be more invigorating and pleasant with a jogging path or walkway made of premium grass paver units.

Patios. Patios are interesting spots as is, but you can make them much more enticing and relaxing to spend time at by using high quality grass pavers.

Commercial Applications

Walkways. It’s easy to encourage people to walk around when you have beautifully crafted walkways all over your property.

Parking lots. Who says parking lots can’t be interesting aesthetically? With grass and turf pavers, they can. In fact, most shopping malls, sports centers, and festival grounds use turf pavers on their parking lots.

Paths for golf carts. Golf courses are all about wide expanse of pure greens, and it’s just fitting to have golf cart paths made of grass pavers.

Drainage channels. Drainage systems will never look boring and eyesores when you use premium turf pavers on them.

Erosion Control. This type of paving material is an effective solution for soil erosion and land stabilization.


Click through these photos of grass and turf pavers to see some exciting visuals of the practical and aesthetic benefits of these paver options.

Take a look at the following sandstone pavers photos to help you decide where to use them in your property.

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