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Interlocking pavers are among the most prized paving and landscaping materials available to property owners and landscaping contractors. Among other known benefits, they can be easily installed, replaced, or maintained, which makes them very cost-effective. And, perhaps, among the most important characteristic of these materials is their rigidity and sturdiness – they can withstand constant freeze-thaw conditions, as well as heavy loads.

Meanwhile, permeable interlocking concrete pavers ensure significantly reduced storm water runoff, which makes them environment friendly. This leads to other benefits, such as a lesser need for drainage pipes, gutters, and curb systems. They also help stabilize loose soil and make areas such as driveways or parking lots attractive since vegetation can grow in their hollow center.

They also come in different designs, textures, and colors and are thus ideal for those who wish to achieve a personalized or custom look. By combining colors, designs, and shapes, it is possible to come up with themes like Mediterranean, Old World, modern, or contemporary. The possibilities are, sometimes, limited only by one’s imagination.

All of these benefits ultimately make interlocking pavers popular among builders, engineers, landscaping companies, and property owners.


Watch the videos below to gain deeper understanding of the different aesthetic and practical benefits that interlocking pavers can provide.

Brick Paver Installation - How the Pro's do it
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Interlocking Pavers Specialist Paver Driveway And Flagstone Walkway Installation
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Interlocking pavers can be used to create different concrete features in residential and commercial properties. Specifically, they can be used in the following:


  • Parking areas – Commercial parking lots need to be made of sturdy materials to endure the brunt of heavy loads. Interlocking concrete pavers are ideal for these high traffic areas because of their rigid structure.
  • Streets – Streets tackle both foot and vehicle traffic, so they must be durable and safe as well, which are two of the characteristics of interlocking paver units.
  • Shopping malls – Interlocking pavers are ideal for shopping centers because of the wide range of design options. As it is, mall surfaces must be attractive and safe from accidental slippage – which will never be the case when you use the said materials.
  • Loading docks – Loading docks typically see some heavy load day in and day out. By using premium interlocking paver materials, you can be sure that the docks will remain in tip-top shape for decades.


  • Patios – Patios will look more attractive with the right interlocking concrete pavers. Creating different designs or themes is also easy when you use these materials.
  • Walkways – It’s vital to have slip-resistant materials for walkways to avoid accidents. Accordingly, you can have interlocking paver materials with a slip-proof texture to ensure the safety of everyone walking around your property.
  • Driveways – Residential driveways must be built to last – and you can ensure just that with premium interlocking pavers.
  • Pool decks – The area around a pool is almost always wet and slippery, making it a natural safety hazard. By using interlocking paver units with slip-proof surfaces, you can have peace of mind knowing that slip-and-fall accidents won’t occur.

If there are areas in your property with instable soil, it’s also a great idea to use sturdy interlocking paver materials to build erosion-control structures.

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