Concrete, Stone and Brick Edging Introduction

What Is Edging and Why Do You Need Edging?

Edging is essential for the preservation of any paved patio, garden bedding, driveway and walkway. If edging is not used, you will find that the sand base and hence your pavers will start to move and separate.

By securing the edges, you are securing your patio, driveway and walkway against the harsh elements of rain, snow and foot traffic. Edging helps maintain the appearance and quality of your landscaping.

landscape edging


Pavers were not always used in such a vast array of applications. They started their journey in post-war Europe, where after the destroying effects of bombing, pavers were used to repair the streets and pavements.

Today pavers are a widely sought after material for landscaping patios, walkways, driveways and now edging!

Benefits of Edging

Edging not only have practical benefits, but it is also decorative. Edging can accentuate any garden plot or flower bed. In a sense edging puts a frame or border around the picture, that being your garden. It draws the attention and highlights the chosen areas. 

flower bed edging

Whether it is around the flowers, fruit or vegetable patches, edging can also help prevent species crossing over and destroying others. Edging helps preserve what ever it confines!

Most Common Edging Materials

There are three most common types of edging material used in the building and landscaping fields; these are bricks, stones and concrete pavers. These materials are very practical and also have decorative qualities.

It is however up to the individual when deciding what material to use for edging. One suggestion might be to match the content material to the edging material. This will compliment the look of your project!

1. Brick edging

You can use either recycled brick or new bricks. It is important to use bricks that are suitable for weathering. You can also purchase pavers that are brick look-a-like’s. There is a huge range of colors available.

2. Stone Edging

Stones have the ability to create many unique looks such as  formal to informal, depending on the type and texture of the stones that you choose. Stones are available in various sizes, shapes and colors.

3. Concrete Edging Pavers

If you are edging a paved area, then using pre-cast concrete pavers for the edging will compliment the existing area. Edging pavers are easy to work with for especially if they were bought customized as to shape and size. Pre-cast edging pavers are durable for the outdoors.

Edging Installation

There are two main methods for installing edging.


This means that the edging will be laid flat and flush with the soil level. This makes mowing the lawns around such borders much easier, and it also creates a unique decorative statement.


By laying the edging vertically you will only see the ends of the edging material, for a trench must be dug out as deep as the material itself is.