About Landscape Gravel and Its Many Shades

About Landscape Gravel


Landscape Gravel is stone material that is used for various landscaping objectives. These include the beautification of garden surrounds and decorative landscaping. Another key reason as to why gravel is commonly used in landscaping is based on its ability as a crushed stone to help control weed-spread through a garden, prevent soil erosion and retain soil moisture. Such characteristics of gravel give it mulching capabilities for the garden and landscape surrounds.
Landscaped Pathway

One of the most important decisions to be made before laying rock is choosing the type of landscape fabric to be used. Rocks are utilized in landscaping because of their natural appearance. Furthermore, Gravel tends to add texture to gardens and is not in need of constant replacement at the end of each season.

The versatility of landscape gravel is based on its numerous garden uses, and also its variety of available shapes and colors. Del Rio and Lodi are two commonly used gravels for multi-landscaping purposes.


Del Rio Del Rio: Washed gravel available in grey, white and tan, which tends to look like a speckled array of colors. Used for mulching or simply to add groom and vivid appearance to garden surrounds. Del Rio ranges in sizes from 3/8 inches to ¾ inch wide.
Lodi: Washed gravel is available in grey, white and gold. It has similar uses to that of Del Rio however the obtainable sizes do vary. It is generally a bigger size stone and does range in thickness from 3/8, ¾, 1, and 1.5 inches. It is complemented by round and smooth edges.
Pea gravel Pea Gravel: Pea Gravel can be defined as a light brown, translucent white river rock that ranges in sizes from 1/8 inches to ¼ inches. Pea Gravel is offered as small or large gravel depending on the desired use. Large Pea Gravel is available from ½ an inch to 1.25 inches thick. Pea gravel consists of small, smooth, rounded stones.
White Gravel: has the ability to bounce back lumens. This is another way of saying that anything white in the green house will bounce backlight. This is a beneficial characteristic for the wintertime in which the most amount of desired light can be obtained by using such landscape gravel in your flower and garden beds.         
White Gravel
Shore Gravel

Shore Gravel: Shore gravel is a naturally rounded and smooth stone available in a yellowy beige color. This stone is often noticed in various home landscapes surrounding shorelines. Smooth edging makes it appropriate and suitable for pool surrounds considering it is quite easy to walk on. Nominal sizes available are 3/8 and ¾ inches.