Landscape Water Fountains

About Landscape Water Fountains

Introduction to Water Fountains

Fountains were originally made in Ancient Greece as odes to Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. This may be part of the reason for their ever growing popularity as soothing and relaxing additions to ones Landscape design. They make ideal features, center pieces and focal points on your property, while adding value and serenity.
Water Fountain

Incorporating a fountain into your Landscape adds aesthetic appeal as well as an ambience. The sound of flowing water tends to be associated with relaxation and a sense of calmness. You can add them to the pool area or closer to the patio and courtyards, so you can enjoy the Fountain while entertaining your guests.

There are so many designs to choose from, and you can have large or small fountains installed in your new or existing landscape design. Fountains can be made out of many types of materials, so if you have a granite paved patio, why not install a granite stone Fountain.

Consult your Landscape Designer or Fountain Manufacturer for their suggestions on the right type or style of Fountain for your property.


Let us discuss some of the most commonly used types of Fountains for your residential installation.

Rising Jets

The Rising Jet Fountains are one of the most common types of Fountains used. They were inspired by the blowholes of Hawaii and Iceland, making them quite the spectacle. This type of Fountain is ideal for larger spaces allocated, due to their extravagant water flows.

Water Fountain Lights Always consider the weather conditions of the proposed location of these Fountains, particularly the wind conditions, for you don’t want your visitors to leave your home drenched from the spraying water. So, it is also important to consider the location of the Fountain in relation to the other features of your landscape design and layout, especially your patios and sitting areas.

Downward Falling

The Downward Falling Fountains are another common type of residential Landscape Fountain. These are generally based on a freestanding design, which often incorporates the use of sculptures, figures and bowls. You can match your natural stone pavers with the stone choice for your Fountain.
Landscape Fountain

Creative Cascade

Cascade Fountain Cascade Fountains are commonly made with the use of various bowls, which can also be stacked to resemble stairs. They are generally made from materials like copper and piping. These Fountains are molded and sculptured into any type of sculpture you may desire for your landscape theme.They can create quite stunning landscape water features.

Solar Fountains

Solar Powered Fountains are becoming increasingly popular for the homeowner who is re-creating their landscape theme. The reason for their popularity is the fact they do not require wiring or plumbing. Once installed these Fountains will cost you nothing. This is great for the individual and also for the environment.
Solar Water Fountain

The power is charged throughout the day and allows your Fountain to display awesome water spectacles at night!