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News Wire:   January 28, 2007

‘Human Shield’ for a Tree

A 57-year-old Anaheim, Calif. man climbed a ficus tree on Jan. 10 and refused to come down after city crews arrived with cutting tools and a wood chipper.

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News Wire:   January 15, 2007

Rain Bird Academy Offers Training to Charlotte's Irrigation Professionals

To learn more about the latest in irrigation systems and products and how to run your business better, Rain Bird Academy invites industry practitioners to its Regional Irrigation Training Camp January 22-26 at the Holiday Inn - Billy Graham Pkwy, located at 321 W. Wood Lawn Road in Charlotte.

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News Wire:   January 09, 2007

Take Care of Trees Hit by Drought

The past two years have been unusually brutal to North Texas trees (and trees elsewhere that have been hit by drought) - to the point that many native trees that were beginning to face issues anyway just decided to check out of the hillsides and prairies.

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News Wire:   January 09, 2007

A Dearth of Landscape Architects?

We often hear there are not enough students studying landscape architecture to meet the demand for this profession. While new graduates can’t immediately step in and fill the shoes of the many verteran LAs, those with 30-40 years of service that are expected to retire in the coming years, they will provide the foundation for the future.

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News Wire:   January 09, 2007

Sun Screen for Pesticides

Pesticides need sunscreen, too! A new sunscreen helps them last twice as long in strong rays of sunshine, and could ultimately lead to cleaner waters by reducing the amounts needed to kill pests.

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