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News Wire:   September 27, 2006

Residents Protests Pesticide Application

City of Olean, N.Y., Public Works Director, Tom Windus has received complaints about city employees spraying RoundUp on curbs and streets to control weeds. As a result, the city will stop using weed killer and instead will spray a mixture of water and salt in an attempt to control weeds.

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News Wire:   September 20, 2006

Landscape Design Getting Bolder in Use of Natural Stone

Designers say more homeowners are incorporating large rocks and boulders in their yards, in part because more kinds are available and people are creating more elaborate landscapes.

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News Wire:   September 20, 2006

Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers Get Shown the Door in Palo Alto

Leaf blowers. Though outdoor power equipment is music to our ears, to some activists around the country, it is just noise.

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News Wire:   September 19, 2006

First of its kind paver industry portal

First of its kind paver industry portal provides massive resources to both consumers and pavers beyond compare.

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News Wire:   September 11, 2006

Second Tree Recovery Campaign

Launched last year by the National Audubon Society (NAS) and National Arbor Day Foundation (NADF), the Katrina Tree Recovery Campaign has donated over 25,000 trees to residents of coastal Mississippi and southeastern Louisiana.

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