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April 15, 2021   
November 01, 2005 

Sierra Building Products

Anchor Retaining Wall Systems

Sierra Building Products is proud to announce the release of our Anchor Wall® segmental retaining wall system. Our Anchor Wall® products will stretch your creative boundaries from simple tree ring projects to sophisticated tall walls with warm earth tones and natural rock-like textures that combine to accent any outdoor landscaping environment in residential or commercial applications.

Anchor Highland Stone retaining wall features:

1. Toscana and La Jolla colors to match our pavers.
2. Can be engineered to 18 feet.
3. No pins, no mortar, no misalignments
4. Three lengths to give the wall a pleasing, random look.
5. Rear lip technology makes installation quick, efficient and accurate.
6. Jumper accessory unit for look & feel of natural stone.

Visit our Anchor Showroom for more details

Design and Structural Reliability

Our Anchor Wall® Highland Stone retaining wall series combines rich textures, varied contours and all the advantages of the structurally sound rear-lip locating system. Anchor units are a reliable and easy-to-install alternative that require little maintenance than natural stone walls.


Anchor Highland Stone Walls and Free Standing Walls…
Beautiful and Versatile

Anchor Highland Stone Free Standing Wall

The new three-inch-high Highland Stone units provide you with even more design options. Use these units alone or mixed with the six-inch-high blocks to create stunning retaining walls. The Anchor Highland Stone can reach heights of 4' (1.2 m) without reinforcement and is a more reliable alternative to boulder or field stone walls. Vertical walls may be added to your landscaping project with the Anchor Highland Jumper Unit. Anchor units vary in weight, size, color and availability to suit your design projects.

Anchor Free Standing Wall features:

1. Toscana and La Jolla colors to match our pavers.
2. Makes a perfect seat wall.
3. Easy installation, curved or straight.
4. Columns available to create exquisite-looking patios.
5. An elegant compliment our Belgard Pavers

Beautiful and Versatile

Anchor Highland Stone free standing walls can be designed straight or curved. Anchor is great for applications such as seating areas, borders, pilasters and columns. Anchor free standing wall blocks are available in three different sizes to meet your design requirements.

Anchor Highland Walls are guaranteed to create a beautiful landscape whilst adding a touch of elegance and versatility to meet your design projects. Visit our Anchor Showroom for more details >

For more information about Anchor Wall® and Sierra Building Products
Contact us via e-mail, phone or regular mail. We look forward to assisting you.

Sierra Building Products (An Oldcastle® Company)
10714 Poplar Avenue,
Fontana, CA 92337

Phone: (909) 355-6422
Fax: (909) 355-6444

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