Patio Pavers Colors

Patio Pavers Colors

Introduction to Patio Pavers

Paving your patio is a great way to improve the look of your entertaining area. There are a vast variety of shapes, patterns, and colors available. Man made products such as precast concrete, concrete, brick, and clay pavers are all commonly used on patio applications. Natural stones such as sandstone, flagstone, limestone and river rocks can also be used on your patio.

Patio Pavers


Concrete Pavers

There are 2 types of methods that can be used when coloring concrete pavers. This gives anyone a great opportunity to choose any color you may desire. The ability to choose any color is an advantage, because everyone's taste is different, some may like bright colors, others may like pastel colors.

Powdered Dye Coloring Method

This is a simple process, which consists of 4 simple steps:

1. Decide on the best color for your patio.

2. The concrete is then mixed to a paste.

3. Once the color has been chosen it is then produced into a powdered form. This is then mixed well into the concrete.

4. Concrete containing the color is then placed into moulds and left to dry.

Liquid and Powdered Staining

Liquid and powdered stains are also a coloring process that can be used when coloring concrete pavers for your patio. The coloring process usually takes place after the concrete is set at the plastic stage. Liquid and powdered stains are added to achieve vast color results.
Color Staining

Types of Colors

Grey Blend

Many colors are available today to enhance the look of your patio. Natural stones offer a wide range of elegant colors that can always vary in color from one paver to the next. This can give an individual and unique look. Concrete pavers, when used on patios also offer a wide variety of colors, which you can decide on yourself.

Some colors types are:

  • Chocolate brown
  • Terracotta
  • Sandy Gold
  • Rust
  • Dusty Grey
  • White Pewter
  • Forest Green
  • Chestnut red
[Solid Terra Cotta]

A helpful hint when deciding on a color, always take into consideration the surrounding colors.

Color Blending

Color Blending

When paving your patio, a couple of colors can also be used in the one area. This is called color blending. This can help break up large areas where one color gets boring and continuous.

Two colors can also be used to create your own exclusive paved patio area. Color blending can also be used to help beautify the surroundings of your garden or home.