Laying Patterns for Patio Pavers

Patio Pavers Installation Patterns...

Patios are outdoor living spaces that can be designed to suit different needs. From small sitting areas to large terraces, they are a fantastic attribute to any outdoor landscape. There are various choices to make when designing a patio. These include the paving material to be used, the shapes, pattern, color and the desired finish of the paver.

Commonly used Patio Paving Patterns

Herringbone 90' Traditionally, there are 3 types of brick, concrete or stone paver patterns to choose from when paving outdoor living space. All three types of paving materials are well renowned for the excellence in providing safe, durable and elegant patios. These patterns are as follows:

1. Herringbone Pattern

Each course or sequence of pavers is made of brick, concrete or stone that lay either at a 45 or 90-degree angle. The angle rotates direction with each sequence. Such a pattern will provide the greatest degree of interlock between the pavers and is one of the most commonly chosen patterns.

Herringbone 45'

2. Basket Weave Pattern

Basket weave (AKA parquet) is defined as a checkerboard of pavers that lay either level or on an angle. This pattern tends to attract the eye although it is simple and easy to install. It is also commonly used in patio paving.

3. Running & Stack Bond Patterns

A Running bond pattern requires each course of pavers to alternate and vary as oppose to being on top of each other as visualized in a stack bond pattern. In both running and stack bond patterns, each sequence of pavers is composed entirely of stretchers. Running bond is one of the most suitable patterns for outdoor patios while stack bond is primarily suitable for areas subject to a lot of foot traffic such as walkways.
Running Bond

Circular Paver Pattern

4. Circle Design

This is a popular but sometimes difficult design to install, where pavers are laid in a circle design, Creating the curves can be challenging.

5. Random Design

This design involves the use of about four different sizes of pavers for the one application, creating a bold effect. It is also used for walkways and driveways.

random design

The Influence of Paver Shapes on Patio Paving Patterns

Laying Pattern The variety of shapes that are available for consumers to choose from nowadays is very broad. Square and rectangular shapes are most popular, but shapes such as 'hexagon', 'octagon', 'symmetry', 'marquise' and 'uni-anchorlock' have widened the variety of shapes to choose from.

This relates to patio paving patterns quite significantly because these various paving shapes have enabled the creation of more complex and unique paving patterns.