Permeable or Pervious Pavers Applications



Permeable Pavers are a great source of water management and are used for many Residential and Commercial applications. They function by providing a solid surface while at the same time allowing water to drain naturally into the earth through the voids or holes in the special paver systems.

There are many types of Permeable or Pervious Pavers System, such as: Grass Pavers, Gravel, Interlocking Concrete Pavers and Porous Concrete.

Permeable / Porous Pavers

Naturally some types of systems will be more suitable for specific applications, for instance load-bearing surfaces may require the use of the Concrete Interlocking Pavers for their added strength.


Let us now discuss some of the types of Applications where Permeable Pavers are used.

Residential and Commercial Landscaping

Vehicle Access They are used in landscaping quite often for they help improve the functioning of the natural environment with the manmade environment. If you place permeable pavers around a tree, it will enable rainwater to drain into the root system of the tree, along with minerals and nutrients. This is also the same for any kind of plant life in your landscaped area or in public parks, grounds and gardens. These pavers reduce the use of our precious water supplies.

Permeable or Porous pavers allow us to incorporate a drivable surface with grass or vegetation. We can use such a surface to park our cars on, while still maintaining natural looking lawn coverage.

If your Landscape has sloped land that needs stabilizing so you can actually gain some sort of use out of it, then Permeable Pavers can also provide soil stabilization and reinforcement. This means that those areas of your property that were really of no use, can possibly serve some type of function with the addition of a pervious paver system.


Permeable Pavers can provide a strong surface for emergency vehicle access, while maintaining a vegetation cover and also can control water runoff. So to the naked eye the area may look like a natural grass lawn, but can provide many of the benefits of a paved surface!


Here is a list of some of the applications for vehicles, when using Permeable Pavers:

  • Emergency Access Lanes
  • Residential and Commercial Driveways
  • Fire Lanes
  • Pedestrian Pathways
  • Golf Cart Lanes
  • Parking Lots
  • Boat Parking Areas

Storm Water Management and Erosion Control

Permeable Pavers can impact and have a positive effect on some of the following environmental concerns:

  • Control the erosion of riverbanks and streambeds
  • Reduce storm water runoff by infiltration methods
  • Decrease downstream flooding
  • Help to increase the amount of storm water storage
  • Can recharge and help store groundwater
  • Reduce the risk of pollutants reaching surface waters
Porous Paver application