Concrete, Brick and Stone Pool Pavers Benefits

Pool Pavers Materials and Safety

Concrete, brick, and stone are the three primary raw materials that pavers are made from. Each of these materials is suited for pool paving applications because they can withstand the constant effects of pool waters. It is important to note however, that stone can meet the exact desired effect of poolside paving because sandstone, limestone, and slate are evergreens, thus their ability to produce a matching effect to garden features is great.

One of the key features that pool pavers provide is safety. They are used to capture the chosen and desired effect of color and texture of the poolside area, while at the same time they endure a high wear and tear resistance and a non-slip surface that is durable. This safety feature of pool pavers is very important because of the natural tendency of kids and others to run around and play games on slippery and wet surfaces.

Pool Pavers come in variuos shapes and colors

Positive attributes of pool pavers

  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Easy installation
  • Non-slip surface
  • Easily repairable
  • Wide variety

These key attributes are the reasons why many people chose to use pavers in landscaping poolside areas. They can create a most incredible effect by supplementing the landscaping and authenticity to pool surrounds and creating a nice atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.


Pool Pavers are a very cost-effective alternative to flooring the surrounds of your swimming pool areas. The savings are huge particularly if a mortar-less method of installation is applied to your Pool Pavers.


Pavers around the pool are quite durable, it is important however, to choose the right type of material if you have a salt-water pool. Simply consult your manufacturer for advice.

Pool Pavers


The right type of paver for the pool areas must be strong enough to withstand the effects of water splashing, foot traffic and the effects of salt water.

Easy Installation

They are simple to install around the pool, particularly if you are not using mortar to hold them in place. In this case it is probably easy enough for you to do-it-yourself.

Non-Slip Surface

The key advantage of Pool Pavers is knowing that they are slip-resistant. It is important to know that your family will be safe when playing around the pool and enjoying themselves.

Pool Pavers provide non slip surface.

Easily Repairable

The great thing about them is that they can be so easily repaired, simply by removing and replacing single pavers. They are very cost-effective when it comes to repairs and maintenance.

Wide Variety

Pool Pavers are so versatile and the patterns and design possibilities are endless. They can create a range of looks to suite your pool area, for they are available in various colors, textures, shapes and sizes.

Pool Paver Design