Types of Pool Paver Materials


Swimming pools owners have a great opportunity to enjoy the water all year round. They also increase the value of your property. You can place nice furniture around your pool and you can add beautiful garden accessories and trickling water features to help you further enjoy your swimming pool area.

Pool Area

Most pool owners would ask which are the best pavers to use around your pool area. There are many considerations that should be made such as:

  • Are the pavers slip resistant?
  • Are they water resistant?
  • Will they heat up if their exposed to direct sunlight?
  • Will their colors fade?
  • Will the salt water affect their finish?
  • Will the Chlorine affect their finish?

Types of Pool Paver Materials

There are three main types of pavers. They are:

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Stone

Each one of those materials will be suitable for your pool flooring or decking applications. There are main positive characteristics that pavers have to offer.

Why Choose Concrete Pavers for Your Pool Area?

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are highly used as pool pavers. They offer many traits and qualities that make them the perfect choice for your pool paving applications. They are very smooth in their finished texture. This is an important factor for pool areas. They are also salt resistant, slip resistant, and chlorine will not affect their colors. They do need to be sealed though.

These pool pavers come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

Concrete pavers are durable, versatile, affordable and tough. Choosing to use them for your pool paving application will certainly be an advantage.

Why Choose Brick Pavers for Your Pool Area?

Brick pavers are manmade products. They are fired at high temperatures and produce many natural earthy tones. They are unaffected by chlorine. They are also smooth in texture and they are slip resistant which is very important around the pool.

Brick pavers are generally squared and rectangular in shape. They are a cost effective material that will give you value for your money. The sun's heat will not affect them. They can be sealed also to ensure them further protection from the damaging effects of the sun and pool water.

Brick Pool Pavers

Why Choose Stone Pavers for Your Pool Area?

Natural Stone Pavers Stone pavers are productions of Mother Nature. They are quarried materials that are formed over millions of years in sea beds, riverbeds and the earth's core. They are natural in texture and they come in many astonishing colors. They can be sealed with specific sealers to ensure that they become slip resistant, salt water resistant, and chlorine resistant. If the stone pavers are not sealed the hot sun and effects of pool water will damage them.

There will always be small children, adults, and teenagers running around playing fun games around the pool so it is always important to purchase only the best pavers that are most suited for pool decking's and floorings.