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Structural porcelain pavers are quickly becoming the material of choice among contractors, architects and landscape professionals as they are lighter weight, more weather resistant, and lower maintenance than alternative paver materials, and offer superior colors in Wood, Stone, Cement and Rustic styles.

The most common paver size is 24"x24", yet a growing number of elongated dimensions are emerging as "Wood" style plank pavers are increasingly being specified over natural wood decking because they won't fade, warp, splinter, harbor mold and mildew, or require occasional re-finishing.

With an impressive 2,000lb load capacity, porcelain pavers are only (3/4)" thick and weigh just 9lbs per square foot, which makes them less expensive to ship to a job site, easier to install, and an ideal solution for raised decking on rooftops, terraces, and gardens with an adjustable height pedestal system to level and support the pavers on a sloping roof membrane.

They can also be simply applied on-grade over compacted sand or gravel, as well as grass. To quickly resurface an old slab of concrete, porcelain pavers can be applied with thin set and grout, or better yet, laid on a grid of sound and shock absorbent rubber pads with built in spacers for water drainage and alignment.

Since porcelain is impermeable to water, it is highly resistant to staining, mold and mildew, and is completely resistant to freeze/thaw cracking. Fire resistance, slip resistance, rapid water shedding and very low maintenance are additional features making porcelain ideal for both commercial and residential use.


Take a quick look at these highly informative videos on porcelain paver applications and benefits.


Aside from aesthetics, what makes structural porcelain pavers so attractive are their natural characteristics which makes them so versatile. They can withstand tremendous pressure while supported on adjustable pedestals, and because they are impermeable they tolerate nature better than other paving materials.

The most common exterior uses for structural porcelain pavers are:

  • Elevated 1.2"- 30" on adjustable height pedestals to create level, raised rooftop decks, terraces and gardens while protecting the underlying membrane and allowing for easy access to service ducts. Raised decks are typically found in high density urban residential areas, and are common in commercial plazas, corporate and hotel rooftops, and balconies.
  • Elevated 3/8" – 1 1/2" on fixed height solid rubber pads as a fast and convenient method of covering an unsightly, cracked concrete slab or any hard patio surface. The lightweight pavers, along with the exclusion of thinset and grout ensure cleaner, faster, and lower cost installations.
  • Set on a prepared bed of sand or gravel, or directly on grass to create modern, slip, stain and crack resistant landscaped walkways and pathways that are very low maintenance, hold up to the elements, and look as good in 5 years' time as the day they were installed.
  • On a unique system of adjustable pedestals and hollow steel joists. 8' long wood-style porcelain planks lay evenly spaced on the joist system to create an extremely durable and level deck over any sloping surface with far fewer components and without the need for heavy and cumbersome bearers and supports.
  • On concrete using thinset and grout, porcelain offers a more elegant paving solution available in numerous style and colors that due to its (3/4)" thickness and light weight, is easier and often less expensive to transport to the job site, position, and install.
  • As pool-side decking and in outdoor kitchen settings, porcelain provides an elegant slip, stain and mold resistant solution that holds up to planter boxes, dragged lawn chairs, BBQ's and active children. It is easily cleaned with a simple hose or power washer, no harsh chemicals necessary.


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