Precast Concrete Pavers Colors

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Introduction to Precast Concrete Pavers

Precast Concrete Pavers are not a natural product. They are manufactured from a mix containing concrete and sand. Precast Concrete Pavers are used outside the home to enhance and create beauty around your pool, driveway, patio, and walkway.

Pool Pavers

There is a wide selection of colors, shapes, and patterns for you to choose. The benefits of Precast Concrete Pavers are that they are long lasting, functional, durable, and weather resistant, which is very important for any outdoor application.


There are no limits when choosing a color for Precast Concrete Pavers, due to the techniques used today. Two such techniques are, Powdered Dyes and Liquid Stains.

Powdered Color Dyes

Dying Concrete Pavers Concrete being naturally grey in color can easily be changed to any type of color. Powdered color dyes are added to the concrete mixture whilst it’s still wet. This process changes the color from grey to the color of the powdered dye that has been selected and then added to the concrete mixture.

Liquid and Powdered Stains

Precast Concrete Pavers do not vary much in color from paver to paver. This is due to the color accuracy and color consistency process that takes place. Liquid and powdered stains can also be used when coloring Precast Concrete Pavers. Once the concrete has set you can then apply the liquid and powdered stains to achieve the color you desire.

Colored pavers

Available Colors

Some popular colors available today are as follows:

  • Earth tones, such as brown, beige, tan, and rusty oranges and reds.
  • Green shades, such as light green, dark green, forest green, pale green, and pastel greens
  • Black
  • White
  • Yellow Sand
  • Dark Blue
  • Cappuccino Brown
  • Peach color tones are also available
Color Pallet If you are after a look that’s unique and effective, you can use two or three different colored pavers to create a color coordinated paved area. Whether it is a small area or large area, take your time and be sure that the colors you decide will blend in with the surroundings.

Maintaining Colors

Due to Precast Concrete Pavers not being natural in color, maintenance is needed. To maintain the color in Precast Concrete Pavers, there are certain sealers available to prevent the color from fading. It advisable to apply the sealer after the concrete pavers have been laid. The sealer locks in the color and helps prevent damage from the ever-changing affects weather produces today.   

Color Combos