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Pavers are among the most versatile, decorative, and durable construction and landscaping materials that you can use for your commercial or residential property. They have a lasting quality that, when properly maintained, will bring you lots of aesthetic and practical benefits well beyond decades. And one maintenance task that you may have to carry out from time to time is paver repair.

Repairing pavers should always be a top priority, especially if you have more than one broken paver piece. Not only will missing or damaged pavers make your paved surfaces look in disarray -- they could ultimately affect the entire structure and render it beyond remedy. The great thing about pavers is that they can be very easy to repair (or replace, if needed). It’s possible to cut to exact size replacements, and then do a simple installation that won’t give others idea that a repair has been made. Unlike a concrete slab that can’t be possibly repaired without having to redo the entire area, pavers allow for localized repairs that are more practical and quicker to perform.

Aside from mere replacement of damaged paver units, other companies also perform these specialized paver repair tasks:

  • Crack sealing
  • Line stripping
  • Pavement marking
  • Curb repair
  • Seal coating
  • Power sweeping
  • Seal coat maintenance
  • Loose paver replacement


Let these informative paver repair videos teach you how to correctly carry out repairs of your paved surfaces the easy, yet correct way.

Fixing a low spot - bed preparation
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Block By Block Paver Repair
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There are various areas around private residences and commercial properties where paver repair tasks may be needed time and again. Such maintenance procedures help keep the structural integrity of paved surfaces ideal for continued use. Specifically, these are the areas where the need to repair pavers is most common:

  • Driveways – Driveways are constantly exposed to freeze-thaw conditions, as well as subjected to heavy vehicle loads. Over time, pavers may crack or get damaged. In such a case, replacing the broken paver units with tougher pavers is required.
  • Hallways – Paver hallways must be kept accident free by quickly replacing or repairing paver pieces where people walking around may accidentally trip and obtain injuries.
  • Patios – Patios may look astonishing, but without proper maintenance and repair of damaged areas, they will surely appear unsafe and unsightly.
  • Garden paths – Garden walkways made of beautiful pavers are truly pleasing to the eyes. But without immediate repair of their damaged parts, they may actually become eyesores.

In doing paver repair tasks, it’s important to use the right tools, such as rubber mallet, hammer, screwdrivers, sand, bolster, wooden float, spirit level, and steel float. When repairing mortared pavers, damaged units are first removed using a chisel and a sledgehammer and then examining the base. If the base looks okay, it will be good for reuse; if it shows some signs of deterioration, it should be replaced at once. The removed pavers should be cleaned of old mortar before replacing them and putting new mortar in place.

Meanwhile, repairing sand-set or mortarless pavers involves removing all affected pavers first and then replacing the sand bedding, using coarsely grained sand. New pavers are then put in position in place of damaged ones before filling up the joints with sand and spraying the surface with water. The process should be repeated until all joints are filled up completely.


Take a look at these photos of the various steps and techniques involved in DIY paver repair projects.

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