A Sidewalk Pavers Installation


One of the great factors about pavers is their versatility. They are able to interlock together forming many common and unique patterns. So using pavers to construct your sidewalk is a perfect option.

1. Designing your sidewalk

Choosing a design for a sidewalk is simple. Firstly you decide what type of laying pattern is most suitable for the area. Secondly decide the type of material that will be best for the area. For example: Natural stone pavers, brick pavers, concrete pavers or rubber pavers.

Paved Sidewalk

2. Choosing the Right Material

All types of pavers whether it is a natural stone paver or a concrete paver is suitable for any sidewalk application. A couple of main points to consider when deciding on the right paver materials for your sidewalk are:

  • How will they withstand with heat?
  • Are they freeze-thaw?
  • How long will they last?
  • Do they need regular maintenance?
  • Do they need to be sealed for extra protection?
  • Are they non-slip pavers?

3. Excavation

excavate site The first step of excavating the site is measuring how deep you will need to dig. Normally for most sidewalk applications, you need to dig about 5 to 8 inches in depth This depth makes room for the base material, sand and the pavers. Using thin lines of string, make a mark of the area you will be paving and then proceed to digging a 5 to 8 inch trench.

4. Preparing a Base

Most pavers can be applied to a crushed stone base. The base is set before sand is applied. Water may need to be added to the base material. This will ensure it is moist and compact. It may be suggested to place a fabric mat in some area’s where soil movement occurs. This mat is called a geotextile mat.

The edge registrants if being used can then be installed.

5. Adding a Bed of Sand

Adding in between 1 to 2 inches of sand is the next step. Start in a corner and work your way out. Make sure the sand is spread out evenly. You can then use a level to make most certain that the area is level.

Seek your manufactures advice as to which sand will be the best for your area.

Bedding Sand

6. Laying the Pavers

Laying Walkway Pavers This is the fun part. Laying the pavers in the exact laying pattern you have chosen can be done quite simply. You can purchase a pattern grid from your nearest paver retailer. This may help with the process. Otherwise it is easily done. Firstly start at the top of the area laying one pavers by one. With a soft hammerhead hammer in the pavers to ensure they’re in place securely.

7. Filling in the Joints

Sweep sand over the paved area several times to make certain that the gaps will be filled in evenly.

Paver grout can also be used to fill in the gaps. It depends on which type of material you have chosen to use for your sidewalk.

Filling Joints