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While travertine pavers aren’t as famous as other paver materials like granite and brick, they are nevertheless very viable paving options. Just like granite, travertine is an extremely durable material. In fact, one of the world’s most recognizable extant structures, The Colosseum, which dates back to the ancient Roman Empire, is made almost entirely of travertine. Another thing which makes travertine timeless is that it retains its color even when constantly exposed to weather changes.

Additionally, travertine pavers are perfect for use in areas where aesthetics is a great consideration. Travertine can come in dozens of exciting pattern that are sure to make heads turn and captivate people’s fancy. You may choose from herringbone, star, diamond-cut, French, mosaic, fish, basket weave, rattan, and many other exciting patterns. The colors available are ivory, walnut, beige, gold, yellow, red, and peach/pink. Meanwhile, the different finishes that you can pick include antique, honed, and tumbled.

Travertine is also a great border material that can provide your needed accent effect. Take your pick from wrought iron, art deco, gothic, scroll, stars, wicker, rope, shells, and other interesting border design options. Moreover, you can choose from contemporary, modern, Old World, and traditional themes to achieve your desired results. All of these options are perfect for those who want a truly personalized look.

Travertine pavers also require very minimal maintenance efforts and cost considerably lower than other paving materials. All in all, travertine is an excellent material that can solve your paving needs.


Below are travertine paver videos that can help you in the design and construction of structures made of travertine pavers.

Diagonal Pattern - Installing Marble Travertine How To
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Pool Deck Ideas - Travertine Pavers
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Among the most versatile paving solutions that property owners use are pavers made of high quality travertine. The various travertine paver applications typically include:

  • Patios. Why would you settle for an ordinary-looking patio when you can have a stunning one? With pavers made of travertine, your patio will surely look more elegant and make your stay more pleasant and enjoyable.
  • Balconies. Inject a dose of beauty in your home’s balcony by using travertine for its flooring. You can achieve a personalized look with the various paver colors and patterns at your disposal.
  • Pool decks. Your pool area will surely look absolutely stunning if you’ll use travertine to build a pool deck.
  • Walkways. Encourage a healthy habit by creating scenic walkways inside your property. With travertine pavers, you will surely enjoy walking with your family or friends as you stroll across the walkways.
  • Jogging lanes. What’s better than sweating it out during mornings by jogging? Doing it on a beautiful jogging path, of course! By using colorful travertine, you will surely find it enjoyable and relaxing to jog with your loved ones.
  • Garden edgings/borders. Enhance your garden’s beauty several times over by using travertine for its edging. There are lots of travertine paver designs that you can choose from as your garden border.
  • Driveways. Welcome guests into your property with a nicely-designed and exceptional driveway made of interesting travertine patterns.


Take a look at these travertine paver photos to get more ideas on how you can use travertine pavers in your property.

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