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Walkways primarily allow people to go from one point in a residential or commercial property to another. They also encourage healthy living by serving as an enticing reason for people to spend more time walking in the morning or during the afternoon. They likewise direct foot traffic and serve as guides on where people should go. Walkways also add to a property’s curve appeal, hence becoming integral parts of the overall aesthetic layout. This is why a walkway’s design is a critical consideration. But aside from the design itself, it’s also vital to consider the type of walkway pavers to use for such outdoor areas. Fortunately, there are a lot of options that contractors and property owners may choose from when it comes to the walkway materials.

Among the great paver options are natural stones, bricks, and concrete pavers – each of which has some exciting benefits to provide. Natural stone walkway pavers, for example, are perfect for those who wish to achieve a look and feel that is close to nature. However, since they are not manufactured, you may have to content yourself with what is readily available. With concrete and brick pavers, on the other hand, there are a wide range of colors, shapes, and textures to choose from, so achieving personalized appeal is easy.

Speaking of options, you may choose from shapes, such as Holland, turf block, cobble rock, hexagonal, uni-décor, interlocking, marquise, and Cambridge. Color-wise, you have charcoal, white, terra cotta, tan, adobe, and cream, among others. You may also pick from polished, honed, thermal, or flamed finish. When it comes to patterns, just choose from basket weave, stack, herringbone (45 and 90 degrees), diamond, diagonal, interlocking zigzag, and stretcher bond.

Many walkway pavers are slip resistant to ensure safety in the walkway. Flagstone pavers, for example, are commonly recommended for walkways because of their texture that keeps slip and fall accidents at bay. By carefully combining different paver options, it’s possible to create specific themes, such as Mediterranean, Old World, and contemporary – hence giving standout appeal to properties.


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Walkway pavers can make private residences and commercial spaces attractive, safe, and functional. For residential properties, it’s important to consider the existing theme or design plan before deciding on the paver type to use. Ideally, the walkway theme must match the property’s general theme for a truly harmonious look. It’s likewise ideal to follow one’s individual preferences to achieve a unique and personalized walkway design. Lastly, safety should also be considered when designing and creating walkways for gardens, courtyards, entrances to homes and patios, or paths leading to pools and outdoor kitchens.

For commercial applications, on the other hand, it’s important to create a welcoming atmosphere, as well as a paved surface that won’t invite slip and fall accidents. Be it for theme parks, commercial shops, shopping centers, parkland, or car parks, the clients’ safety should be taken into consideration when building the walkways.


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