Installing Pavers on the Cheap

Summer is in full swing now, and with home owners spending more time outside enjoying the sun, some find themselves wanting to spruce things up and make their backyards more aesthetically pleasing with some hardscaping; a paved patio or winding paver walkway, for instance.

However, not everyone has the budget for big extravagant landscaping projects. So what is one to do? Well roll up your sleeves, put on your gloves and jeans ‘cause it’s time to tackle that yard project you’ve always wanted to do and lay some pavers!

While not an extremely complex procedure a paving Di-It-Yourself (DIY) project should not be undertaken without the recognition that a lot of patience will be required, and you may have to re-do certain steps until satisfaction is achieved (lest you want a wobbling pavestone walkway). Instant gratification has no place here, and must go straight out the window! (Especially if it is your first paving adventure)

After preparing oneself mentally, the next step would be to research the Internet and view several Youtube video tutorials over and over until you can get a general idea of the task at hand. You’d be surprised at how simple it can be to install a paver project by yourself.

A recommended video of a small paver patio installation is:

Do note that you will be digging approximately several inches deep into your lawn, so you will have to be prepared for some physical exertion, especially if your patio or walkway is larger than sixty four square feet.

Certainly the easiest project would be a square or rectangular patio (as was in the above video), as opposed to a winding paver walkway, which would be more difficult to dig out and measure. If it is your first paver project it is recommended that you go easy on yourself and pick a simple project.

For supplies: you’ll need rock gravel for the base, then sand on top of that, then interlocking pavers. In the above video example, the cost of the materials they used were under $200, not bad at all! So with a few bucks and some determination you can give your backyard a really nice face lift.

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