Safety Tips When Handling Paver Tools

1If you have chosen too pave a certain area in your back or front yard and would like to do it yourself good on you! If you’re a professional and you have been hired to construct a large paved site but you have forgotten all of the safety precautions well then this is the right article for you. There are some considerations that you need to address carefully and wisely before you begin the project.

Once you have chosen the pavers for this area you need to consider which paver tools you would need to help you with this application. You may or may not already have most tools or you can visit your nearest paver tools retailer are hire the tools you do not have.

The first priority you should be thinking about is the safety of yourself and other that will be passing through the work zone. It may be advised that work that requires heavy machinery be carried out by a certified professional. But if you are confident and you follow simple safety guide lines then why not have a go yourself.

Safety Tips You Should Take Seriously

Safety Tip 1

Before you even begin to commence work on this area you need to make sure it is clear of all hazardous materials that may affect your work. This includes things like; children’s toys, chemicals, rocks, and other things that may get in the way especially if you are using a machine to excavate the area.

Safety Tip 2

2You should always mark out the area you will be working in. surround it with tape and place a sign somewhere where bystanders will be able to see it. Just a simple sign saying do not Enter or Work in progress. If you have heavy machinery in this area then you need a sign that states this. Having a sign in sight is a must this will let passers by know not too enter this construction site.

Safety Tip 3

You will need to protect yourself. There are many materials that you can use to protect yourself from dangers.

Eye Protection

3Safety goggles are the best eye protection anyone who is using machinery or even paving tool should use. Eye protection is a must at all times you should not remove your eye protection at least until the job is complete or you are taking a break.

Safety Gloves

Whilst you are paving your hands will come in contact will dozens of chemicals such as; cement in concrete, mortar, masonry mix and sealers. Because paving is a hand on job you will need to protect your hands by using safety gloves. There are special gloves that should be used whilst constructing a pavement area.

Cotton gloves are not suited for this sort of work so you should use rubber gloves as they are longer lasting. Rubbers gloves can cause bacteria inside the gloves so you will need to give you hands some fresh air frequently and wash them to remove all traces of bacteria.

Head protection

4Wearing a hard hat can sometimes get uncomfortable and you may get frustrated so take it off. But you shouldn’t. Head protection should always been worn no matter what the circumstances are. Your head is the most important part of your body and you never know what’s behind or above you.

A hard hat will protect your head from any accidents that may occur. The outer lining of the hard hat is a soft metal which will refrain anything from hitting you on the head.


Another important part of the body is our feet. We must always were protective footwear like steel capped boots or work boots. Protective footwear will protect your feet from sharp objects that may be lying around. You may also drop a hammer or another tool and its hits your feet but at least you will be safe and protected by your protective foot wear.

Bright Clothing

5Nowadays anyone that is working on a construction site must wear highly visible jackets or T-shirts which are bright yellow and orange. This has been introduced to stop the large number of deaths that occur on construction site due to lack of visibility of the person.

So protect your self and others by wearing the visibility jackets and t-shirts and ensure the safety of yourself and your co workers.

Safety Tip 4

6Another important safety precaution that is a legal must is that there should be a first aid kit present at all times as well as at least one person who hold a first aid licensee. This is very important you never know when an accident can occur.

Hopefully this article has made you realize the importance of safety measures. We hope that you and your construction team co operate with these so simple guidelines and enjoy your job while being safe.

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