Paver Lights

Paver Lighting – if you haven’t heard of it yet, be on the look out because while pavers lights have been around since 1994, they are becoming quite popular! Now you might be asking yourself – paver lighting, is that like landscape night lighting? Well, sort of.

Most of us can recall a space that was a tad on the dark side. Think of the feelings that it brought up… Did you feel unsafe? Did you feel scared? Would a well lit path have helped make you feel more comfortable? Paver lighting is an excellent way to incorporate the benefits of traditional landscape night lighting without having to actually install lighting fixtures – which can also be an eyesore.

Paver lights are actually pavers that light up – they can be made of various types of materials and can be used in a wide variety of settings. They come in all shapes and sizes – just like normal pavers. Like actual pavers, paver lights are incredibly durable and have been known to withstand even the most difficult and harsh of climates. In addition to being able to withstand the elements, paver lights are physically durable in that they can be walked and driven on without suffering any damage.

Paver lighting is an excellent solution for pathways that are not well lit and the additional light could prevent any accidents from occurring. Thus, paver lights are an incredible solution for commercial properties. An interesting fact about paver lights is that they do not over-heat and are safe to touch. In that same thread, they create enough warmth to melt away snow or ice to increase visibility.

Paver lights are incredibly easy to install and economical to use because they are solar powered. Essentially, they are charged daily by the sun and when the sun sets, they then power themselves with the energy received through the day and light up all though out the night! Solar powered pavers will last about ten years – when they start to wear out, simply pop the paver out and replace it with a new lighting paver!

Because pavers are not held in place with concrete or mortar, paver lights can be added to paver projects that have already been completed. If you are looking for ways to add additional light to a space, or just want to add an element of safety to a specific area, then consider paver lights!

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