A Paver’s Dream

It goes without saying that many a paver has wished for some kind of machine to lay his pavers for him. Especially while doing something repetitive and uniform, such as a long driveway with no curves.

Well dream no more, for that fateful day has come! Dutch company VANKU BV has revolutionized the commercial paving industry with their ‘Tiger Stone’. This six-meter wide machine creeps along at a slow pace, leaving under it perfectly laid and arranged pavers.

While the Tiger is not necessarily something a home owner could benefit from (unless they had a very long driveway indeed), contactors and municipalities would very well with one of these machines for roads and streets.

The Tiger touts being able to lay at maximum 980 square feet of pavers in one day which is over two times the amount an experienced crew is capable of laying (the average being around 400 square feet a day). That includes even edging pavers!

Remarkably the Tiger’s machinery is rather simple and easy to maintain. Pavers are fed in and arranged by hand, they then slowly slide down at an angle and plop into place, and that’s it!

All of this begs the question… How much does it cost? Well that depends on the model. The machine comes in 13, 16 and 20ft widths and prices are from $81485 to $108655 respectively.

Check out the machine in operation:

Tiger Stone




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