Considering Adding a Landscape Pond?

Ponds that are featured throughout landscaping can add serenity and trickling water sounds around the garden that will be peaceful and enjoyable. A pond is a body of water surround by tree’s, leafs and rocks. A pond can be as big or as small as you like. They can be featured anywhere throughout your landscaped garden.

A pond is also a place for wild animals like fish, ducks and birds to come and enjoy, feed, breed, bath and play in the water.

The ideal pond for you can be created. Why not choose to make your own pond by doing it yourself!

Buying a Pond Pack

You can visit your nearest pond retailer and they will assist you with purchasing all the right components that you will need to build your own backyard pond. You can purchase a pond pack which will include all of the specific materials that you will need. If you’re experienced in building ponds you may only need to select fewer items to construct your landscape pond.

Landscape Ponds and Fish

Have you ever wondered what it would be like as a fish? Swimming around all day in the water getting fed and sleeping in the water, what a life!!! Fish normally live in ponds along with frogs and tadpoles.

By building your own landscape pond and adding several types of fish to it you will be able to keep a close eye on them and see their journey’s and enjoy the peaceful feel that they bring to your landscape. They can beautify the pond and add elegance, making it a wonderful feature to add to your property.


Where will it go?

Careful planning should always be conducted when you are doing a project by yourself. Choosing a position for the landscape pond should be your first step. Do a rough sketch of how you would like the overall look to be. Remember ponds that are closer to your home can seem fake and formal where as ponds that are placed throughout landscaping seem more natural and blend in.

Choosing the Right Size

Once you have chosen a site the next step is what size you would like. The first consideration should be how much space you have in the area you have decided on. The best recommendation is to use a piece of string placing it in the shape you would like to see your landscape pond in. Remember, the larger the pond, the more maintenance that is needed.

Careful Consideration and Planning Tips

1. A landscape pond needs to be in full view of the sun, especially where aquatic plants and flowers are being used. Most of them require lots of sunlight.

2. Avoid areas where large trees are in. Their fallen leaves can kill marine life that lives in the pond.

3. If the underlying soil beneath the pond is moistened it will result in the pond shifting and lifting.

4. Consider that the pond at one stage will need to be re filled most likely in the warmer weather. Make sure it has access to fresh water to be filled up by the pumps.

5. Make sure you inspect the underlying area where the pond will be placed for cables, electricity and other communication lines.

6. Consider the safety of all young children that will past by this beautiful area.

Hopefully this article has helped you consider building your own landscape pond there are many benefits of having a landscape pond so create your own piece of beauty and enjoy the many wonders of your own built landscape pond.

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