Landscaping With Stone

Landscaping is an art. Combining wonderful land, thoughtful designs and natures own beauties and you will receive an area that is peaceful, creative and one with sweet serenity. You and your family can sit back and enjoy the peaceful sounds of your landscaped area. Humming birds, pretty flowers, water fountains and the trees leaves all add to the beauty and elegance of your landscaping gardens.

Stone is one of the most popular choices for all landscaping applications. Stone is a natural material, which is produced by nature’s forces over millions of years. It is then quarried and formed into various shapes and sizes. It is also used most commonly amongst the building and landscaping trades.

Stone Features

Stone pavers can be used on a variety of outdoor applications. They are especially ideal for use throughout your landscaped area as;

  • Curbing
  • Edging
  • Water Features
  • Garden paving
  • Mosaic type features
  • Bird Baths

Curbing and Edging

Curbing made of stone can be used along the boundary of the landscaped garden. It is most effective when the stone is in irregular pieces placed in a random order. Edging is similar to curbing; the same effect applies. Both edging and curbing can be very functional and create a surreal setting throughout your landscaped garden.

Water Features

Water features made out of stone are highly decorative. The trickling sounds of soothing water will be enough to turn you’re landscape into a harmonized area. Water features such as; water falls, ponds and fountains, can all be made of elegant natural stone, which will last a lifetime.


Mosaic features can be made by you, using crushed stone and a board. Then placing the stones in random order, making sure you glue them to the board. You can then hang this mosaic in your landscaped area. You can also purchase one from your nearest landscape centre.

Bird Baths

Bird baths which are made out of stone are wonderfully hand crafted. You can sit back and enjoy while watching thousands of natures own birds dropping in and cooling down in your natural stone bird bath.

Stone Paving throughout the Landscape

Stone paving is widely used in household back yards quite commonly. Stone pavers offer a durability that others find hard to match. Their long lasting qualities and many benefits make them a perfect choice for all landscaping flooring.

Landscape patios are a perfect spacious section of your landscape where you and your family can come together and enjoy the outdoor. Stone pavers are the perfect flooring on the patio. They offer many benefits for your patio such as;

  • Easily maintained.
  • Will not be scratched by patio furniture.
  • Marks and food stains are easily rinsed free.
  • They can be sealed for further protection
  • Are available in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes.
  • They offer enticing laying patterns which are easily installed.

Other places stone pavers can be used throughout landscaping are; walkways, courtyards, garden paths, sidewalks, entrance to the area and pool areas.

Stone Colors

Your landscape is generally green in color with sparkles of unique colored flowers and flashes of earthy tones. Stone pavers are found in many fascinating colors that will blend and compliment the whole landscaped area.

Some popular colors include;

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Beige
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Rustic
  • Sandy

Now that you have a few tips on using natural stone in your landscaped areas, go ahead and enjoy its timeless beauty!

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