Retaining Wall Lights: Brighten Up Your Landscape at Night Time

A retaining wall can be used as structure support for your driveway and garden wall. Many different materials can be used for the construction of a retaining wall. Some of these include materials such as; pavers, boulders, concrete and bricks. They can also add beauty to the front and rear of your home. Adding a few lights in between the retaining wall can help light up areas surrounding it to make it safe for you, your family and you’re attending guests to travel in and out of your home of a night time.

Surrounding your retaining wall I bet you have a beautifully landscaped garden. During the day the flowers show their gorgeous colors. Your water features and statues offer great ornamental values, but by night time it is all un seen by the dark. What better way to light up your landscape of a night time by using retaining wall lights!

Retaining Wall Lights

Retaining wall lights can be added to the structure upon installation. They act like the normal material that you have used. Say for example you have used pavers as your retaining wall material well you can purchase several lights that are the exact same shape as the pavers. They are installed just like normal pavers. People tend to install as least 4 or 5 lights in between the area to brighten it up. 1 or 2 may not be enough. It all depends on how large and high the retaining wall is.

How Many Will I Need You Ask?

Judging by the length and width of your retaining wall it is recommended that you install a light every 5th or 6th paver. This will also depend on how strong you would like the lighting to be. You may need to have access to power points inside the home if you decide on using electric lights.

Why Not Install Solar Powered Lighting?

Solar powered retaining wall lights are another alternative. They are exactly the same as normal electric lights but they do not rely on electricity, they rely on the sun light. The sun light will recharge the lights. See solar powered lights require specialize batteries which are generated by the sun light.

If they do not receive much sun light they will still light up of a night time by their back up source which is the batteries. Solar powered retaining wall lights are highly preferred by many home owners. They will help save you a lot of money on electricity bills which is beneficial because just imagine the beauties of your landscape which is lit up of a night time! You will be mesmerized.

Night Light Landscape       

By using retaining wall lights you are benefiting yourself and showing passers by just how beautiful your landscaped garden is. Landscaping of a night time can seem more beautiful in outlook then it does in the day time. Retaining wall lights are the perfect choice because they are high up. They will not just light up the ground you walk along they will help you see the wonder natures of your landscaping.

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