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The wait is over; we are finally ready to reveal the Paver Search Blog! My name is Julie Hadduck and I am so excited to be blogging for Paver Search. This blog is where you will find the latest and greatest news on the Paver Industry, hands down! So sit tight (or sit back) and subscribe to our RSS feed because you won’t want to miss the information we are going to share!

Most everyone in the contracting and masonry world has heard of Paver Search. When Paver Search was first founded in 2005, the vision was simple: to become the leading and most respected paver resource for both homeowners and contractors in the United States-and we have done just that. (If you don’t believe me take a look at our extensive website) This blog is an extension of the CEO’s original vision and another way to provide excellent and fresh material to our members.

One of the many things that we are proud of here at Paver Search are the services that we provide for free. Yes, you read correctly, FREE. While many other companies charge a monthly fee to provide people with information about a specific industry or product, we find that to be tad ridiculous. Therefore we have complied the largest informational and paver resource guide available to both homeowners and contractors at absolutely no cost. If you have ever wondered about the difference between cobblestone pavers and clay pavers-check out our website, it will give you all the information you could ever want to help you make the best decision!

In this blog we will be covering an array of subjects-everything from the benefits of pavers to their eco friendliness to tips and ideas for incorporating them into your own interior or exterior space. The purpose of this blog is to serve as a tool to help both homeowners and contractors stay current on the latest trends, resources and to understand the differences in the wide variety of pavers available on the market today. –And I can promise you, that we will try to make this blog a tad more interesting to read than most of your appliance manuals. As always we appreciate your comments and feedback, you can leave your response at the bottom. Until next time, happy Paver Searching!!!

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