Slip and Slide??

It’s a summer day, and you are having a farewell summer BBQ and pool party for your closest friends. The day is perfect, it’s warm without being to sweltering; you can smell your burgers cooking on the grill and hear children laughing and splashing in the pool while the adults talk. It is literally the perfect day. One of your friends asks if they may use your restroom, of course you agree and point to the general direction. As they get up your vision turns to the kids and a faint smile crosses your lips. You think to yourself for as much splashing that they are doing that you will have to refill the pool, but you don’t care because it is the perfect day. As your friend walks towards your house along the wet concrete, it crosses your mind that it may not be safe because everyone knows how slippery concrete can get when it is wet. In that exact instant, your friend slips and falls, it is no longer the perfect day.

This short story is something that most of us (especially women wearing heels) can relate to. Concrete patios are a very popular choice for commercial and residential home owners, however as you can now see, it truly has its disadvantages. For this reason and many others, pavers are quickly becoming the number one preferred choice material for areas that see a high amount of traffic and are likely to become wet. The three most popular choices for using pavers in an area that is likely to become wet are: brick pavers, concrete pavers and stone pavers.

Brick pavers are a popular choice because they come in a variety of natural tones and because of their naturally abrasive characteristics, they are skid resistant. Now I know that you are thinking, “Well, why would I rip out my concrete which becomes slippery when wet just to replace it with concrete pavers?” And we would say, excellent question! The difference is that because of the way they are made, concrete pavers are slip resistant. Stone pavers are another beautiful solution to creating a skid resistant area. Stone pavers are exactly what they sound like, stone pavers. They are an entirely natural product and come in a wide array of brilliant colors. While stone pavers are not naturally skid resistant, they can be sealed to become skid resistant.

Well, now that we have enlightened you on the dangers of wet concrete as well as the solution to fix such a problem, you will probably think twice before running on wet concrete! As always, your comments are very much appreciated! Feel free to leave any remarks at the bottom of our blog!


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