10 Simple Ways to Care For Your Landscape

Your landscape is an area that you should be proud of. It beautifies the front and back of your home. It creates a peaceful place with many dainty ornaments that will have you feeling calm and happy.

An important part of having a landscaped garden is the up keeping. You can hire a professional to help you with this (it can get quite costly) or why not do it yourself.

Here is 10 simple ways to care for your landscape;

  1. Flooring

All flooring that surrounds your landscaping should be cared for on a daily or weekly basis. Places like your driveway, walkway, garden path or patio should always be kept clear of any dangerous objects like; leaves which cause slippage and dirt will do the same. So give it a general sweep and wash using warm soapy water at least once a week.

3 main types of flooring that is used in landscaped areas are; concrete, natural stone pavers and brick pavers. They all have their own specially formulated cleaners and sealers which can be used to help care for these surfaces.

  1. Plants

Your landscaped gardens may have many plants in fact you will probably have this area surrounded by plants. 1 simple step that should be done daily is watering. This is easily done by using your hose. If you have a larger area you can seek information on installing a drip irrigation system. Another easy step to caring for plants is too chop them down every so often so they don’t get out of control ad take over the garden. Just use some gardening scissors and you’ll be done in no time.

  1. Trees

Trees are relatively large, and they are known to be hundreds of years old. Throughout the winter and autumn seasons they shred a lot of bark and leafs which doesn’t look very glamorous all over the yard. To keep your landscaped lawns looking fresh and vibrant just use a rake and sweep all the trees bark and leaf away.

  1. Dirt and Soil

Dirt and soil are used as bases for all flowers, and plants. Sometimes due to rainfall the dirt and soil will travel and be in places they shouldn’t be. Using a pair of gloves just sweep it up and place it where it should be. Also another important caring procedure is watering soil also needs a drink of water to help with the growing of the flowers and plants that are planted in the soil.

  1. Mulching

Every plant, flower and tree that is in your landscape needs mulching. Mulch is like a plants food that assists the flowers with there growth. You can purchases many different types of mulches from your local plant retailer. There is also water saving mulches you can purchase. Always read the labels for instructions on how much mulch you should be giving your plants, trees and flowers.

  1. Lawn Care

This is my favourite part of caring for your landscape and I think every one that does it will agree with me? Mowing the grass on a gorgeous summer’s day is the best way to spend an afternoon. It is so simple there are many wonderful machines to help you with this process all you have to do is push them.

Also give your lawns water every so often, maybe later in the afternoon. Mulches can also be used on your lawns to help make them look lovely and green

  1. Watering

Water is the landscapes main source of life. It makes the trees, flowers and plants grow. But lately in many states water has become the most sacred source and we have been given watering restrictions. To abide by these rules we are given certain times of the day and week when we can water our landscape. So do your thing and abide by these rules. Your landscaping doesn’t need constant watering once or twice a week is fine.

  1. Flowers

Flowers are the prettiest things that are seen in landscaping. They give landscaping beauty and a colourful outlook. All flowers need is a little bit of water and mulch every now and again and make sure you plant them in their recommended positions. For example; plant them in the shade, sun or half and half.

  1. Storm damage

Harsh weather can be a terror to the landscape gardens. It can cause flowers to dye and disappear, soil to shift in all directions and braches off trees can be thrown around all over the place. The best thing to do after a storm is access the area and start by slowly mending it to the way it was.

  1. Sealing Pavers and Concrete

This is the easiest part after the installation of either pavers or concrete to your landscaping. You may want further protection on these materials so your can choose to coat them for a longer lasting protective coating.

There are many types of pavers available today. As well as many types of sealers available. Speak to your local pavers retailer as to which is the best product for you.

Concrete also offers many different types of sealers so it is recommended that you do the same.

Sealing should be done at least once or twice a year depending on the wear and tear of the area.

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