Some Products to Help Prevent and Control Erosion

Erosion is one of the most inconvenient natural processes that occur throughout our landscape and yards. If you’re unsure as to what erosion is let us explain what erosion is!

Erosion is caused by the gradual wearing away of a rock by chemical solutions, physical breakdown, moving of materials its main cause is by wind, ice and water. Wind, ice and water play a big part in the moving of materials which then results in erosion. Erosion can be unpleasant and destructive.

Overall there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There are many products available today to assist you with control erosion. Why not try to prevent erosion even before it’s happened!

Soil erosion is the most common to occur on residential properties. So by protecting your soil from erosion you be saving yourself a fortune in trying to fix it.

Here we will explain to you the several different types of erosion control products that will help you prevent it.

Mulch Will Help Control Erosion!

Mulch can be used to control or prevent erosion for happening. Mulch gets placed on top of the soil making sure that the soil is completely covered, once this is done a fibre blanket can be placed over the top.

The main reason mulch can control erosion is that the mulch will help the soil retain its moisture. Once soil loses its moisture it becomes vulnerable to erosion and it can happen very quickly because it is moisture less.

Mulch can be purchased in many different types. Mulch can also assist your flowers and plants with their growth. This is a great benefit because you’ll be achieving 2 outcomes out of this 1 product.

Gabion Baskets Will Help Control Erosion Long Term!

Gabion baskets are more suited for controlling erosion over longer lengths of time. A gabion basket is made out of mesh and wire which is filled with lots of crushed stone, pavers and concrete but depending on how bad your erosion problem is it will depend on which one of those products your basket will be filled with.

Gabion baskets are mostly used in larger areas like public lakes and farms. They are used to level out an area that is uneven.

Erosion Control Blankets Are The Most Common Erosion Control Product!

Erosion control blankets are the most affective controlling product and the most commonly used and purchased. They can be made out of several materials such as; plastic and straw but they must be degradable to comply with our environment. Their purpose is to hold the soil in place. The blankets are laid out over the top of the soil and stapled into place so there is no room for the soil to spread.

Grass Mats Will Help Control Erosion!

Grass mats are more of a longer term erosion control product. They can also help protect vegetation, flowers and plants. They are made out of corn fibres and wood fibres but they look like grass.

Grass mats are preferred to be used on sloped and un level land rather that flat surfaces.

Brush Blankets Will Prevent Erosion!

Brush blankets are made out of straw. They should be put in place at the time of planting. The have a mulch film inside of the blanket which makes the soil contain its moisture and temperature.

Hopefully now one of these products will help you prevent and control your erosion problems!

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