Why you should have Porphyry Pavers

Porphyry has been used as a primary building material for thousands of years, with the ancient Egyptian and Roman empires being the first civilizations which used the material extensively. And when it’s good for the Egyptians and the Romans, then it’s probably good for today’s homeowners, contractors, and builders. In the US, porphyry is abundant in Montana, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.

The beauty of porphyry stone pavers lies in their sturdiness. Some of the longest-lasting man-made structures are known to be constructed primarily of porphyry. The material is proven to withstand constant extreme climate changes without experiencing any significant damage. Porphyry pavers don’t fade even when exposed constantly and over a long period to weathering. They are also highly resistant to damages caused by exposure to salts and strong chemicals. Read more >>

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