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Why you should have Porphyry Pavers

Porphyry has been used as a primary building material for thousands of years, with the ancient Egyptian and Roman empires being the first civilizations which used the material extensively. And when it’s good for the Egyptians and the Romans, then … Continue reading

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Texture and Color of Pavers

Everyone wants a beautiful outdoor space, but it takes more than plopping down a few plants and adding a water feature to make it something unique and special. When redesigning a space there are many different elements that have to … Continue reading

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Paver Walkways

Imagine that you have a either a beautiful home or a stunning commercial space with a sidewalk that winds around the front entrance to the structure. All around this sidewalk are beautiful roses, flowers and hedges – it seems almost … Continue reading

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Slip and Slide??

It’s a summer day, and you are having a farewell summer BBQ and pool party for your closest friends. The day is perfect, it’s warm without being to sweltering; you can smell your burgers cooking on the grill and hear … Continue reading

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