Tips for Hiring a Contractor

Depending on what your personal experience has been, hiring a contractor can either be a pleasant experience or something that is likely to bring up feelings of dread. Just like all other professions, there are good and bad contractors, the key is to find a good one. And once you do, as you know, they are worth their weight in gold! In this blog we are going to go over some of the pros and con’s of hiring a good contractor as well as give you some questions that would behoove you to ask. 

Having a good contractor install your pavers is equivalent to having good materials. If you take a bad contractor and good materials, you will most likely have a final product that you are not happy with. On the flip side, if you take a good contractor and bad materials, the same result is likely to be true as well. Hiring a good contractor to install your pavers and choosing reputable material will make all the difference in the end result of your project. In order to make a fully informed decision, you need to take the time to get to know your potential contractor and some vital questions. This process can make the difference of having a contractor that is finished on time, does not go over budget and also creates a beautiful finished product.

So you are probably thinking that this is all pretty common sense… Now we are going to give you some tips to help you find a contractor that is appropriate for you.

Tip #1

Ask the contractor how many years of experience they have. Speak to them about what types of jobs they worked on; ask them to supply you with a portfolio of their work. And always ask for three references of some of their most recent work. A reputable contractor should easily be able to speak to his experience as well as have some of his work documented. Beware of any contractor who is not willing to give references. 

Tip #2

Hiring a contractor is not the time to try to communicate that you both know and understand more of the project than what you actually do. Have the contractor explain each step of the process, this will ensure that you understand what is going on and that there are no surprises. Ask the contractor how draws will be set up; beware of anyone who asks for more than 10% of the total job up front before the contract is signed. While it may vary from state to state, most states only allow a contractor to ask for 10% of the total job before starting or $1,000.00 – which ever figure is lower.

Tip #3

Make sure that the contractor you are interviewing is licensed, bonded and insured. While a contractor that has all of these might be more expensive, you are ensuring that you are protecting yourself should anything happen.

Tip #4

Always have a contract. This one is simple.

Tip #5

If you receive a few bids from contractors for a specific project, don’t automatically rule out the highest bidder. Some contractors will leave loop holes in their contracts in order to further collect funds down the road. Make sure that each stage and what it will require is clearly outlined in the contract.

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