Stamped Concrete And Its Patterns And Colors

Stamped concrete offers many benefits to us as homeowners. It also offers benefits to commercial and public places. You can jazz up an old existing concrete slab by relaying concrete and stamping it.

It can be used in many places around your home like; your driveway, patio, walkway, sidewalk, pathway, garden area, pool area and entrance to your home. It has become widely used in the last 20 years or so due to the ever changing techniques which just keep getting better and better.

Stamping your concrete should be carried out by a professional as it should not be installed by Do-It-Yourselves out there. They can do it so simply and gracefully that you will be highly pleased and recommended them to your friends and family.

Stamped Concrete’s Many Patterns

One of the delightful beauties of installing stamped concrete around your home is that you can achieve the look of natural and brick pavers without the costs. There are many traditional laying patterns which can be stamped onto the concrete. Some of them include; traditional herringbone at 45 and 90 degree angles, parquet, basket weave, running bond, circular and many more.

How Do They Do It?

Well there are 2 main techniques of producing the patterns onto the wet concrete slab. The first and most commonly used technique is the stamping process. The stamping process is carried out after in pouring of the concrete. The cement, sand and water is mixed to make the concrete once poured it needs to be set at its plastic stage to begin stamping.

Stenciled rubber containing the desired pattern is placed down onto the concrete and held down firmly to ensure that it will imprint the concrete. It is left down for several minutes then slowly removed. There are certain agents that can be added to the concretes surface before the removal of the stencil so that it doesn’t remove concrete with it.

Overall Look

Want the WOW factor then you have chosen the right material! stamped concrete’s overall look is fantastic blended with stunning colors be sure you will be turning heads as they cruise past your stamped concrete driveway.

Stamped Concrete’s Electrifying Colors

One of the many benefits stamped concrete has on offer is its colors. You can achieve the look and textures of other flooring materials. Stamped concrete gets its colors during the mixing process. Once the sand, cement and water are mixed colored dyes or pigments are added in. this will achieve the overall colored look you are after.

Most people choose colors that will blend in and compliment the existing color scheme they already have around there homes. Stamped concrete can be colored to just about every color there is made possible. The likes of; beiges, browns, reds, greens, blues, tans, yellows, purples and every color of the rainbow are all colors the stamped concrete can be colored too. Below are a couple of small samples you can use on your stamped concrete area!

Why Not Be Daring And Blend In Several Colors!

Exactly why not! You can create your own individual style by combining 2 or 3 colors to the stamped concrete area. Although make sure you choose colors that match each other. Otherwise it can get to colourful and you don’t want the area to end up looking like a rainbow.

You can even try using one base overall color and then try another color throughout the middle as a focal point. You can even do the same and use a border as the different color.

Stamped concrete offers many benefits so think about using it today around your home you’ll be highly pleased with the visual affects of their colors and patterns

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