An Array of Pavers

It is grey, drab, slippery and dull – and unfortunately it covers most of the solid surfaces around our home and commercial properties. If you guessed that we are talking about concrete then you are correct! Unbeknown to us, concrete is one of the most commonly used materials – we can assume that it is because it is efficient and economical. However, that is pretty much where it stops because we all know that concrete after a few years tends to not look so hot. Many people are now tearing out their concret and replacing it with pavers, because people are finding out that the benefits are far greater than concrete!

Many people when exploring the world of pavers tend to only give themselves a couple of options. Most people have seen clay brick pavers, concrete pavers and cobblestones. However, what they don’t know is that there are literally dozens of pavers to choose from and they would be severely limiting themselves if they didn’t explore beyond what they were familiar with. Exploring beyond traditional pavers is the goal in this blog! So grab a coke and explore the beautiful options that pavers will give you!

Granite Isn’t Just For Your Counter Tops!

So most of us know that granite is famous for being a material that is known for it’s strength and essentially has a reputation for being indestructible. Bottom line, if you want to re-do your driveway or walkway for the last time – granite pavers are the way to go! Granite pavers have a reputation for being able to last for several decades. While we can’t say they will last forever because nothing does, they are the closest thing to that! Granite has been a popular choice for artists and stonemasons for hundreds of years. This is because it comes in a wide range of colors – everything from pure white to the darkest black! The options for granite pavers are virtually endless.

Travertine – Not Just For Tile!

If you have always wanted to invoke a feel of Italy or Turkey in your outdoor space then travertine is the perfect material for it is quarried in both places. Travertine comes in a wide range of color options and can be found in shades ranging from a creamy beige, to a peachy pink, a beautiful golden yellow, a stunning walnut and a scabas-red. Travertine pavers are especially popular to use around areas that see “bare-foot” traffic. The reason for this is because travertine does not increase in temperature with exposure to the sun – essentially it will stay cool and not burn your feet no matter how warm it becomes! In addition to staying cool under your feet, travertine is largely popular because it requires no maintenance or cleaning. Many times people ask how durable travertine is, well, the Colosseum is made out of travertine and it is still in pretty good shape!

Bluestone –More Than Just Stone That Is Blue!

Bluestone is a beautiful type of sandstone that as you’re probably guessed, comes in a beautiful bluish-gray color. Bluestone is a very durable and versatile type of stone. The color tone is determined by the depth of which it is quarried. The deeper it is quarried, the more intriguing the colors will be.

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