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Products under the Anchor Wall System are among the most sought-after retaining wall materials worldwide. Their innovative design allows for effortless installation, making them a favorite of DIY enthusiasts, builders, and landscaping contractors.

Aside from smart design, Anchor Wall System products are also highly prized for their versatility. They are used in large projects, as well as in small DIY tasks. They are likewise extremely solid materials with incredible strength that can last for several decades. This wall system is also favored for its decorative merits, owing to the unique appeal of each block.

Anchor Wall System products have unique characteristics that serve specific purposes or design requirements. Their Anchor Diamond product line, for instance, is used for walls up to 1.2-meter tall and features a host of earth tones that make them ideal for outdoors. The Anchor Diamond wall blocks can be used in both curved and straight walls. They are also economical, durable, and easy to install.

The Anchor Landmark System, meanwhile, features a unique vertical shape using soil reinforcements. It is ideal for tall- and high-load-bearing walls with its superior strength. Anchor Diamond Pro, on the other hand, is preferred for its design flexibility and low cost. It features an integral rear lip and earth colors that, altogether, allow builders to achieve form and functionality.

Another great line is the Anchor Vertica, which has built-in locators that allow for stability and greater alignment. This maintenance-free walling system is recommended for use in high volume, tall commercial wall installation projects. The Anchor Windsor Stone, meanwhile, is considered the top self-installation wall system today. It is used on retaining walls, planters, terraces, tree rings, and garden beds. It comes in numerous colors, patterns, and textures. And then there’s the Anchor Highland Stone – a wall system that mimics the appearance of a natural rock wall formation. It has a rough exterior texture and a design characteristic that is ideal for a nature-inspired theme.


Anchor Wall System has product lines that cater to practically every possible application in commercial and residential properties. Let this list serve as your guide in choosing the Anchor Wall model that suits your specific needs:

Commercial Application

  • Landmark – Ideal for commercial retaining walls that are high load bearing and tall. It features mechanical connection between blocks and reinforcement materials.
  • Vertica – Cost-effective, durable, and decorative. It features built-in locators that are ideal for tall walls in commercial properties.
  • Diamond Pro – This system is preferred for commercial applications because of its easy installation and ease of price cost estimation. It is affordable and features dozens of design options.

Residential Application

  • Diamond – A pin-less and mortarless system that allows for effortless DIY installation. It is ideal for residential walls that are either straight or curved.
  • Highland Stone – For owners of private residences who want a nature-inspired outdoors, the Highland Stone line is a perfect candidate. It features a three-piece system that mimics the appearance of a natural rock wall.
  • Windsor Stone – Every DIY enthusiast will surely love the Windsor Stone walls because of their self-installation feature.


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