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Many property owners are unaware that they can actually build retaining walls on their own and save some dollars in the process. In fact, it can be a fun bonding project that you can undertake with your kids, friends, or next-door neighbors.

One big consideration that you must be aware of is the choice of materials for the retaining walls. Fortunately, there isn’t a dearth of high quality materials from reliable suppliers that you can purchase to build retaining walls. Among the most popular materials are stones (natural appeal and decorative flexibility), concrete blocks (unmatched sturdiness and ease of installation), timber (economical and nature inspired), bricks (an earthy, warm look), and concrete (optimum load-bearing capabilities). With these options, it’s possible to achieve custom looks that can greatly enhance the appeal of your outdoor space.

Keep in mind that the main objective of building a retaining wall is to keep loose soil from eroding accidentally and causing property damages or bodily injuries. You might also build retaining walls because you want to transform areas that are currently not in use into focal points that are as functional as they are attractive. For these reasons, you should ensure that the retaining walls will be sturdy and made of durable materials to make them last for decades.


Do you wish to learn how to build retaining walls before you embark on such an ambitious task? Then please watch these videos that we created just for DIY enthusiasts like you.

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How to Build a Retaining Wall
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The process of installing retaining walls is a near science that every DIY-er must learn to achieve positive results. From choosing the pattern to use up to the application of the needed finishing touches, everything must be done according to some basic techniques. For example, with the different laying patterns, such as running bond, random, mosaic, and coursed, you need to carefully plan the theme or design you want to achieve before laying down the wall units or blocks. But if you want quicker installation, you can opt for pre-designed walls from leading manufacturers of retaining wall blocks.

Meanwhile, here are the steps on how to install or build retaining walls:

  1. Prepare the needed tools and equipment, such as chisel, power saw, tape measure, spade or backhoe, and hammer. Don’t forget to wear gloves and safety helmet.
  2. Make a definite outline of your work area, carefully measuring the exact dimensions of the area that the wall will occupy.
  3. Excavate the area. The key is to dig 1 inch for every 8 inches of wall height. The recommended depth is the point from where the bottom blocks are located.
  4. Lay down the base material consisting of crushed stones. The base material should be at least 4 to 6 layers. Level and compact the base material accordingly. Make sure to put at least 1 inch of coarse sand over the crushed stones or rocks.
  5. Compact the base material, using a hand-operated or an automatic compactor. Its purpose is to ensure that the entire length of the base is fully compacted and nicely leveled.
  6. Lay down the first row of retaining wall materials carefully. The blocks should be nice and even all throughout. Put backfill afterwards. Repeat the laying down of blocks.
  7. Place wall caps as a final step.


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