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More and more residential and commercial property owners today are discovering the benefits that sandstone pavers can offer. This is not surprising given that such benefits have been enjoyed by countless property owners for well over a hundred years now.

Among their most well-loved benefits is their hard-wearing nature. Pavers made of sandstone are known to retain excellent condition despite prolonged exposure to water. They are also economical, since it would take decades before they ever need replacement. They are likewise very easy to install, and can thus be transformed into various flooring surfaces within hours or after a few days. In addition, they require very simple cleaning efforts and can be maintained without costing a fortune.

Another sandstone paver benefit is versatility. Builders, engineers, architects, and property owners may choose from a wide range of colors and varieties to suit their specific design and build requirements. They may pick from the available colors including sandy yellow, tan, pastel blue, pale pink, brown, red, cream beige, and light green. They may also choose whether they want quartzite, greywacke, or arkosic sandstone pavers. The various design patterns for this type of paver include stretcher running bond, basket weave, herringbone and interlocking patterns.


The video of Sandstone Pavers will help you understand better the functions and benefits of using the material for your paving and hardscaping needs.

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When it comes to versatility and range of applications, sandstone pavers are among the highly favored and preferred building materials by landscaping contractors and builders. They can be used to build the following:

Driveways. In the hands of qualified and experienced contractors, it’s possible to have stunning driveways that can last a lifetime without experiencing any major damage. Sandstone is a tough material, making it highly ideal for driveways with medium- to heavy-duty vehicle traffic.

  • Patios. Property owners – residential or commercial – who are aiming for handsome patios that require very minimal maintenance should go for pavers made of sandstone. The wide range of colors allow for great design flexibility while sandstone’s innate structural composition makes it effortless to clean and maintain.
  • Garden paths. Choosing sandstone paver units over other paver types will provide you with beautiful garden paths that will entice leisurely walks to rejuvenate your mind and body.
  • Balconies.Experience relaxing moments with your family and friends in your beautiful balcony made of elegant sandstone pavers.
  • Pool coping/decks. Sandstone, being porous in nature, is perfect for use in areas that are constantly wet, such as pools. This particular property makes sandstone the choice of numerous builders, architects, landscape designers, and contractors.
  • Wall cladding. It’s not unusual to see exterior walls plastered with exquisite sandstone paver pieces. It’s important to note that sandstone’s high resistance to damages caused by extreme weather changes makes it ideal for outdoor areas constantly exposed to such hazards.
  • Retaining walls. Being inherently tough and durable, sandstone is also commonly used to build retaining walls in properties.
  • Steps/stepping stones. Whether they are placed in gardens or along walkways, sandstone paver units are tested as ideal flooring solutions for such areas around a property.

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Sandstone Pavers
Sandstone Pavers
Sandstone Pavers
Sandstone Pavers
Sandstone Patio
Sandstone Patio
Sandstone Wall
Sandstone Wall
Sandstone Bathroom
Sandstone Bathroom
Sandstone Pavers
Sandstone Pavers
Sandstone Patio
Sandstone Patio


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