Paver Prices Section

Paving Stones add beauty and value When considering a Landscaping project today, there are so many more design options available than in the past, which allows you to exude your creative flair freely. But of course there is always the limitation of the budget, how much you can spend, how much should you spend, and of course how much will it all cost in the end!

So, when choosing the Paving product for your new driveway, patio, walkway, pool surrounds or courtyard, always take into consideration the long-term costs involved. For example, a cheaper Paver may bring the cost of installation right down, but that particular Paver may need extra maintenance or perhaps it will need repairs or replacement over time. Hence, you should consider not only the installation prices of the Pavers you select, but also consider the lifecycle costs.

At the end of the day there must be a balance of aesthetics, performance and the price, when selecting the type of Paver material for your Landscaping project. So, take your time and do a little research, be well informed, and make the right choice for your needs!


Let us now compare a few types of materials that are commonly used for Landscaping projects, such as; Bricks and Pavers, Natural Stone Pavers, Stamped and Colored Concrete, Concrete and Asphalt. We will consider the initial installation costs and the long term maintenance costs involved, so as to get an estimate of the overall costs of the project at hand.

Bricks and Pavers

Brick Pavers When we about Bricks and Pavers we are referring to man made pavers. This type of material is common and generally widely available, due to the high production rate.

Brick Pavers can cost anywhere from .50 cents each, or between $5-$15 per sq/ft. As an estimate, Brick Pavers can be installed for between $10-$20 per sq/ft. The benefit of these materials is the color, shape, size and pattern opportunities available to you.

The maintenance costs are not too high, for you really only need to wash and seal your pavers every year or so. Bricks and Pavers are extremely durable and will last a lifetime.

Natural Stone Pavers

Natural Stone Pavers Natural Stone Pavers will definitely have a higher initial cost. They are not manufactured; they are naturally formed and quarried stone, cut to size. On average you may pay $10-$30 per sq/ft for installation, depending on the type of stone you choose, the rarer the stone the more expensive. They can be installed for approx $10-$25 per sq/ft.

Also the installation costs may be higher than other materials, because Natural Stone Pavers are generally laid one by one, which is labor intensive and time consuming.

However, most Natural Stones require little to no maintenance at all, in fact some types get better with age. You will be guaranteed they will last a lifetime.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete Pavers Concrete Pavers are a manufactured product, they tend to be priced between $5-$10 per sq/ft. This is a very reasonable price, particularly when compared to the higher prices of Natural Stone; however small maintenance costs must be considered. They can usually be installed for between $5-$10 per sq/ft.

Concrete Pavers may need cleaning and sealing because the coloring is manufactured and not natural, you may find the color fading after some time, if not sealed.

Poured Concrete

The traditional old Poured Concrete is a durable material and quite cheap at about $5 a square meter, due to its quick and easy installation. Add a bit more if you want it colored. The consideration with Poured Concrete is cracking, particularly in the northern climates, and color fading.

Therefore the maintenance costs can potentially be very high, especially if the slab cracks in the first year. Poured Concrete also needs to be regularly cleaned and sealed, for if not, stains will be very hard to remove.

Stamped and Colored Concrete

Stamped Concrete Stamped Concrete has the durability of traditional Poured Concrete, with the added benefits of unique colors and patterns, creating an eye-pleasing addition to your landscape. Stamped Concrete is an economical solution for those on a tight budget.

The price ranges from $4 to $10 per sq/ft, depending on the design and patterns you select for your project. The reason for the low price is that concrete is much faster to install than say, Natural Stone Pavers. But Stamped Concrete doesn't have the durability and elegance of concrete pavers or natural stone pavers.

Stamped and Colored Concrete needs to be cleaned and sealed to maintain its color and prevent staining. If a regular maintenance routine is not carried out your Stamped Concrete may crack, fade and stain considerably. If installed correctly, and maintained appropriately, it will last a lifetime.