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The Keystone Wall System includes world-class products used extensively as retaining wall materials. It features unique concrete segmental blocks that have fiberglass pins that connect the soil reinforcement and the wall unit itself. The various product lines under this system are known for their aesthetic appeal, ease of installation, strength, and cost efficiency, thus making them much sought-after by DIY homeowners, builders, and landscaping companies.

Keystone Wall System products are versatile materials that come in dozens of exciting colors, sizes, textures, shapes, and patterns. They are ideal for projects where there’s a need to match retaining walls with the existing design or theme of a property. The aesthetic boost that they can provide to any outdoor space is a primary reason why they are considered among the finest retaining wall materials available in the market today. And for those who are looking for materials that can be used to build retaining walls of up to 50 feet with exceptional strength, then Keystone products are all they need.

All in all, Keystone Wall System offers the best value-for-money benefits and features that property owners are bound to enjoy.


Keystone Wall System product lines are used in dozens of other applications in residential, commercial, and public areas. For example, their Standard product line is used to build high walls in commercial properties and public spaces. Standard blocks have an excellent height-to-depth ratio and are stable, durable, and strong.

The Compac, on the other hand, is favored for use in smaller retaining walls, like in residential landscapes. It is lightweight and has a short tail design, making it effortless to handle and install. Its popular designs are Canyon Ridge and Sedona Stone. The Canyon Ridge’s textured and weathered look and Sedona Stone’s earth colors make them ideal for residential yards.

The Legacy line is perfect for the DIY installer as it is lightweight and easy to handle. Its earth tones can blend well with any landscape, making it an ideal building material for any type of application. The Century Wall’s Old World charm, meanwhile, is meant for heavy loading conditions and taller wall structures. It fuses structural integrity with the unique appeal of natural stone. Keystone 133Elite’s unique design, on the other hand, is known to effectively reduce the amount of needed pins up to 33 percent, while the Keysteel SQFT product line is designed for use on highways and heavy construction.

Meanwhile, Insignia’s rustic and modern appeal renders a contemporary look that will be perfect for planters, tiered walls, and small to medium walls in commercial and residential spaces. Lastly, the Keystone Mini is used as a cap for Compac and Standard blocks, although it can stand as a unique wall.

Here are the other general applications of Keystone Wall System:

  • Bridges
  • Ponds
  • Overpasses
  • Rivers
  • Creeks
  • Lakes
  • Shore protection
  • Run-off channels
  • Along highways


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