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Many landscapers and property owners would agree that the use of paver lighting in any outdoor improvement project will dramatically enhance the aesthetic appeal of an area. This new innovation in outdoor lighting has helped landscape designers and DIY homeowners create unique and more functional outdoor areas.

The popularity of paver lighting is not surprising because of the countless benefits it provides. It is not only widely used in residential properties – it is also the top lighting material option for commercial and public areas. Here are some of the benefits that this type of lighting can provide:

  • Economical. Paver lighting is considered as an eco-friendly and economical option when it comes to outdoor lighting. It is available in kits that run on 12 volts and usually consume 2 to 7 watts per unit. Another popular option is the solar paver lights that rely on sunlight for energy. Paver lights can last for more than 10 years without the need for major repair or replacement. With these features, property owners can greatly save on the electricity cost.
  • Sturdy. Paver lights are designed to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. They can endure severe weather conditions, like snowstorms and extreme heat. They can even handle heavy vehicle traffic, making them the perfect lighting option for driveways and parking lots. The materials used for paver lights vary, depending on their application, but most brands are made of sturdy metal or glass fittings.
  • Versatile. The good thing about paver lights is that they can be used in a variety of applications. Whether they are installed indoors or outdoors, they still provide the same stunning effects on the specific area where they are used. They are easy to install even on existing structures or pavements. Just replace the pavers with the lighting units, and you'll get the right illumination needed in the area.
  • Safe. One of the reasons why most property owners choose paver lighting is its safety features. Aside from sturdy and durable materials used in the construction of paver lights, this type of lighting uses low-voltage electricity. Some even depend on solar energy, so the danger of electrocution is nil. Paver lights are also waterproof, UV protected, scratch resistant, and almost maintenance-free.


Please watch these paver lighting videos to guide you through in the installation of paver lights in your property.

Solar Lights by Solnair at Russell Ranch
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The versatility of paver lighting makes it the primary choice of most landscape designers, contractors, and homeowners. It is not only used for horizontal applications, such as in driveways and decks, but also on vertical structures. Whether you’ll be working on wooden floors, concrete slabs, tiles, bricks, or paver surfaces, paver lights can easily complement whatever design or theme you want to achieve. Below are some of the common applications of paver lights:

Residential Applications

  • driveways
  • walkways
  • patios
  • terraces
  • pool areas
  • decks
  • stairways
  • fountains
  • entrances
  • archways
  • columns

Commercial Applications

  • roadways
  • parking lots
  • driveways
  • shopping malls
  • school grounds
  • public parks
  • office buildings
  • sidewalks
  • facades

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