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Celtik® Retaining Wall System OVERVIEW

One of the most popular landscaping materials used by countless DIY enthusiasts, landscaping contractors, and builders is the Celtik retaining wall system. This highly versatile and decorative retaining wall system forms part of most outdoor features in many homes, commercial spaces, and even public areas across the country. Belgard, a byword in the landscaping materials industry, manufactures the Celtik Wall System. This wall system consists of mortar-less concrete wall units or blocks, which are stackable and come in various colors, sizes, and shapes. Among the available color options are beige, gray, black, charcoal, green, and red. The design and color variety make this product very attractive among property owners and designers who are aiming to achieve a high level of customization and intricate design patterns.

Each Celtik Wall System provides a lot of aesthetic and practical benefits that include:

  • Natural look and appeal – The product features a flawless mimicry of the look of natural stones, giving it unique appeal.
  • Easy maintenance – Structures made of these materials can be easily cleaned using pressure washers. There are also available cleaning solutions that you can purchase to help maintain the beauty of your concrete structures.
  • Versatile – With dozens of colors, sizes, and shapes, it’s possible to achieve distinct designs and to create different concrete amenities. It is possible to create curves, straight lines, corners, or circular patterns.
  • Safe – Retaining walls made of Celtik Wall Systems promote safety by keeping soil erosion at bay.
  • Sturdy – Belgard is a name synonymous with durable products, and this retaining wall system is just one fine example. It uses a proprietary anchor pin system that locks the concrete blocks securely in place.
  • Economical – Since it is mortarless, it means you won’t have to spend additional dollars just to build your desired outdoor structures. The unique design also allows for effortless installation, which will effectively reduce the man hours needed.


The beauty of the Celtik Wall System heavily lies in its versatility. Aside from being used to build retaining walls, this kind of wall system is also used to build the following amenities:

  • Planters – Induce sighs of admiration by using Celtik wall blocks to create stunning plant boxes.
  • Terraces – Since this product is designed to infuse an Old World charm in any structure, it is also best used in terraces and other outdoor living structures.
  • Raised garden beds – Garden beds using the Celtik Wall System are bound to inspire great conversations and can easily add to the aesthetic appeal of these areas.
  • Steps – Steps made of Celtik wall blocks are highly attractive and sturdy.
  • Tree surrounds – You can make trees more refreshing to look at by adding the right design and color combination of Celtik wall blocks.
  • Raised patios – Raised patios will never be a pushover in the looks department just as long as there’s an element of Celtik wall blocks in them. This product can easily match any patio paver design because of its natural look.
  • Sitting walls – Creating sitting walls with this material can dramatically enhance the aesthetics of your outdoors and improve its functionality.


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