Antique Pavers Color Range

Introduction to Antique Pavers

Antique pavers are the classical way of achieving a rustic and old world feel around your home. Their texture is rough and rugged. They have been around for decades. Some modern types are manufactured and produced today but there is nothing like the original antique pavers.

There are many fabulous designs and style that can be used for many household and commercial applications. There are also many shapes, sizes and colors for you to choose from.

Antique Pavers

Antique Pavers Appearance

Antique Pavers

Their appearance is quite unique and they may seem as though they’re fragile, but in fact they are not! They have the same strength and stability of any other paver on the market today. Their edges are round and some styles may seem as though they are chipped or damaged, this is what gives them their unique character. Their colors have uniqueness about them. This will attract your attention and make antique pavers the perfect choice for you.


Antique Pavers colors usually have the look as though they’re washed out or very worn. Many of the common colors are produced by nature, others are man made.

Natural Antique Paver Colors

Many of the natural pavers are featured in bright and enhancing colors. These colors fade away over time making them individual and unique. This helps them achieve their rustic and ancient look. Some antique pavers that are used today are 50 to 60 years in age. Some are even older. So you can just imagine their uniqueness in colors.

Some of the main colors are:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Gray
  • Cobblestone Gray
  • Sandstone
  • Blue
  • Brown
Brown Pavers

Most of the natural antique paver colors are earth tones. Earth tones gives them their pastoral feel and character.

Manufactured Antique Paver Colors

These types of pavers are produced in 50-year-old machines. Majority of the materials used in the process are the same as brick pavers. The only difference is this machine has the ability to produce a paver that looks old and rustic. At the firing process the heat is increased immensely. This also adds to the uniqueness of an antique paver.

As these pavers are manufactured they can be produced in many characteristic colors that will resemble natural antique paver colors.

Some of these colors include:

  • Rusty Orange
  • Washed out red
  • Pale Gray
  • Dark Green
  • Graphite Blue
  • European Sand
  • Golden Yellow
  • Terra cotta
European Sand Pavers

Each one of these colors are added to the mixture though a powdered substance. It is important to remember that antique pavers achieve an old world feel so choosing a bright and vibrant color maybe the wrong choice.

Irregular Colors

Color Combinations

Antique pavers are highly individual and possess unique qualities so remember  that  no two antique pavers will have exactly the same color. Combining  several colors will only add to the fine appearance and rustic look that antique pavers offer.