Bluestone Pavers Colors

Since the early 1900’s bluestone pavers have been quarried in the USA. Bluestone is primarily made up of sandstone. Depending on the depth of quarry, bluestone paver colors can vary significantly. The most common color in bluestone pavers is blue-grey, hence its name.

Beautiful swimming pool area enhanced with Bluestone Pavers

It is also a quite classical piece and looks great anywhere around the house, particularly outside. It is a tough durable paver that is good for courtyards, patio’s, walkways, and could even be used inside in a rumpus room. Its dark blue-grey color blends in well with any surrounding green gardens.

Types of Colors

Bluestone Pavers most common color is blue ranging to gray. Although, depending on how far down the depth of the stone is being quarried, the colors may vary. The further down the stone is quarried, the more noticeable the difference in color. This is when shades of purple, green, yellow, orange, and brown are spread throughout the blue-grey paver.        

Blue Stone Paver is often a gray color

So the further down the stone is quarried the more unique the Bluestone Paver becomes. The further up the stone is quarried the darker it gets in color. The colors are mainly blue, dark blue, gray, dark gray, and the two colors mixed together to form a blue-grey tone.

Bluestone Pavers can also be produced in natural earth tones, however, this is generally uncommon. This is due to the ever changing earth’s surface. The unique thing about Bluestone Pavers is that each Pavers differs from the next. Thus no two pavers are the same. They will each have varying shades and texturing. This is why Bluestone Pavers are mainly used outside because they sometimes vary in color and blend in with surrounding gardens to create a classical but unique piece.   

Natural Bluestone Pavers can have earth tones

Color Care

Bluestone Paver

The Bluestone Paver is quite a strong durable piece of stone and is appropriate for any outdoor application on your property. The color of the pavers will never fade or be affected by the weather because of its natural beauty. But in some places around the world where harsh weather conditions occur, it is best to apply several coats of gloss sealer, to protect the unique colors that bluestone pavers.