Cantera Natural Stone

Cantera is a natural volcanic stone. It is strong, durable, versatile and best of all malleable, making it very easy to cut and engrave. Hence, it is widely use for both commercial and residential applications.

The appealing thing about Cantera Stone is its uniqueness. Each Cantera Stone Paver differs slightly in color, shade, veining and texture, giving it a very unique appeal. Cantera Stone enables you to create a rustic weathered antique theme.

Cantera Natural Stone Colors


Pink Color Cantera Stone

Cantera Stones are available in light to deep pink shades. They have distinct veining and are speckled with white, dark pink, blue, charcoal and sometimes black specks. The red varieties can range from real red to an almost rusty red. These generally have large spots of a deeper shade of the stone color.

Beige/ Tans

Cantera can be found in a very light beige color, which contains quite a lot of speckling, in white, charcoal, black and brown. The range continues into deeper beige shades and goes on to more tan and light brown shades. These tan varieties of Cantera Stone Pavers contain quite a lot of speckling and spotting. The speckles can vary in color greatly, from white, black, browns, and charcoals.
Beige - tan cantera stone color

Coffee/ Browns

Cantera Stone Pavers are available in coffee and brown shades of color. These particular colors are very appealing for they consist of a lot of veining and specks of color. The specks and spots colors include; white, beige, cream, grays, charcoals and black.


Orange cantera stone color There is a wide range of gold and orange colored Cantera Stones. These are very rich gold’s, bright oranges and also quite rusty shades of deep orange. They contain specks of gold, white, yellow, browns and deep reds.


Cantera comes in a lovely mauve and purple type of shade, with white, gray, deep purple, browns, tans, gold, pinks, charcoals and even black. They are a very appealing range of colors, creating a unique contrasting effect.

White/Light Grays

White Cantera Stone Color Cantera Stone Pavers can be white in color with many colored speckles in the background. Such speckled colors include; light grays, charcoals, beiges and even light to dark blue. The light gray variety also consists of specks of varying colors, which include; darker gray, charcoal, white and very light blues.



There is a lime green variety of Cantera Stone Pavers that is very striking and vibrant. It contains specks of dark gray, charcoal, black and browns.

Lime Green Cantera Stone Color


Charcoal - Black Cantera Stone Color

These varieties of Cantera Stone Pavers range from light to very dark charcoal, and almost black backgrounds. The speckling colors include; white, beiges, greens and generally darker shades of the particular background color.