Cantera Stone Statues

Cantera StoneWhat Is Cantera Stone?

Cantera stone is made from volcanic ash where the formation of ashes are actually compressed into natural stone from thousands and thousands of years of build up. The greatest advantage to any cantera stone products is they have exceptional durability values, they can last for centuries and because the products are made from natural materials, they have excellent resistance from natural and non natural elements. The other advantage to cantera stone products is they age with grace which makes them more unique.

Interesting Facts About The History Of Cantera Stone

It is believed that this art form of carving and transforming cantera stone and producing statues and other artistic sculptures originates from Europe thousands of years ago and much later caught on by Spanish Colonies. Another interesting fact in current times is the majority of cantera stone is quarried in Mexico and the statues and other cantera stone accessories are carved by Mexican artisans then brought into the USA landscaping market.   

Cantera Stone Statues

Cantera Stone Fountain StatueThis type of material is produced in a wide variety of landscaping accessories for indoors and outdoors. Cantera stone products are hand carved and sculptured by various Parisians worldwide to create beautiful and artistic sculptures including statues, urns, pots, bird baths, balustrades and many other landscaping accessories.

Statues are a great way to add beauty and elegance in landscaped garden settings as a stand out feature or just to simply complement the garden presentation with a touch of art. If you are thinking of adding a statue to accessorize in or around your landscape presentation, cantera stone statues would be highly recommended. The reason for such high recommendations of cantera statues is firstly for their natural ambiance with natural old world charm and traditional beauty. The following are other values and attributes:

  • There are many cantera stone statues designs and sizes to personally choose from
  •  There are many statue colors and textures available to suit your color decor
  • They can be featured indoors as well as outdoors, that’s how versatile they are
  • They have exceptional durability values
  • They will outperform any non natural statue material
  • They will not chip or crack
  • They have tremendous weather resistances when featured outdoors
  • They do not require regular cleaning
  • They will not fade from weather conditions
  • Debris and bird droppings can we washed off with soapy warm water
  • They are light in weight

Cantera Stone Statues Are Light In Weight

Natural stone products such as sandstone, flagstone, limestone marble or granite are more commonly quite heavier in weight than manufactured stone materials. Surprisingly cantera stone statues are very light in weight because of the compressed volcanic ash content the stone is formed from. It is a lot easier and less physical to move the statues in and around your home or garden if you wish to re-position the statue from one area to another.

Cantera Stone Statue Designs  

There is such a wide variety of cantera stone statue in designs and sizes you’re bound to find the perfect statue for your home or garden. Here are some popular statue designs that are readily available:

  • Angelic Statues
  • Roman Male Statues
  • Roman Female Statues
  • Lady Holding a Jug On Her Shoulder
  • Religious Statues
  • Chinese Statues
  • Animal Statues

Angelic Cantera Stone Statues

Angelic cantera stone statues would have to be one of the more popular statues that are featured indoors as well as in landscape garden settings. There are an extensive range in many sizes and angelic designs from single angels, to double angels and even to multiple angels on statue designs. This particular statue design somehow creates an angelic atmosphere as a sign of hope, peace and tranquility.