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January 20, 2022   
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Category:  Paver Boneyard

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Antique Brick Pavers Clearance
Location: 10714 Poplar Avenue CA 92337   Price: $50.00

Description: Antique Concrete Pavers and Retaining Walls Clearance Sale of bulk inventory at bargain basement prices.
$50.00 per pallet (first come, first serve)

Contact: Ryan Castle  Phone: 909-227-3648

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Granite Pavers Overstock
Location: CA    Price: $8.00

Description: I have overstock of Real Granite Pavers in Cream Gold color for sale. Our pavers are 2" thick and can be installed just like an "Interlocking Concrete Paver".

This lot sizes are 4"x4" / 4"x8" / 8"x8" / 12"x12". These are Tumbled Natural Stone Pavers that normally retail for 15.00 in the USA. I will sell them in minimum lots of 500 sq. ft. for 8.00 per sq. Visit my web site for more details:

Contact: Jack Studer  Phone: 818-402-0711

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Overstock of Brick Pavers
Location: CA 90275   Price: $2,000.00

Description: I have 500 sqaure feet o f pavers remaining from a large residential project that I would like to sell in 1 lot to 1 buyer. They are in almost new condition and just have a little bit of mold on them from storage in a shed for 2 years.
No offers, worth double what I paid for them.

Contact: Frank  Phone: 1-866-STONE-05

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Antique Brick Pavers
Location: N/A   Price: $500.00

Description: 100 Square feet of Antique Brick Pavers made by Castaic Brick. Approx 15 years old but in great condition. $500 for the lot.

Contact: N/A  Phone: N/A
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